Planning to buy an F cut acoustic guitar, need advise

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by manju_is, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. manju_is

    manju_is New Member

    query regarding acoustic guitar.

    I am planning to buy an F cut acoustic i am a beginner i dont know much about guitars.
    my budget is 3k to 4k.and what is the use of pick ups in acoustic guitars? and i m thinking whether to buy the one with pick up. please suggest me the good brand for acoustic guitar. and also suggest about the pick up. should i go for the guitar with pick up.
    waiting for the reply.....
    thanks in advance.
  2. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    dude only high quality( and high priced) F cuts sound good......a beginner should always go wid a round hole first guitar was a Givson F cut and dis is my experience speaking....

    as for da picups....dey are da device which picks up sound from da instruments and den routes it to da acoustic guitars dey allow da 'acoustics' to be connected wid da amplifier......( such 'acoutics' are called semi-electrics).......

    its better to make a one time raise your budget and buy a GB&A or Yamaha or Takamine or Ovation (price range 5-15 k)

    however, in your budget da best option would be to go for a Pluto or a Granada..(since lower end GB&A, yamaha's dont sound dat good).....

    acoustics(all guitars in genral) must carefully be observed for defects before buying so its better to take an expert with you.........
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    First of all - forget about f cut.
    They sound horrible.
    The cheaper ones sound as if the guitar is made of plastic.

    For 3 to 4K you will get a decent dreadnought design (round hole).

    Forget about pickups also. Spend the entire 4K budget only on acoustic guitar.

    Pickups etc can come later when you feel the need.

    If you concern is playing on stage or recording, you can do so using microphone - so spending money NOW on pickups is a WASTE.

    Besides, you can buy piezoelectric pickups later (which can be just "stuck" on the body of the guitar)
  4. manju_is

    manju_is New Member

    thanks for the reply. I think i made a mistake by saying f cut. i want to buy the round cut acoustic only. but i meant to say cutaway acoustic guitar. many hav suggested the gb&a and yamaha are good.but some people say that pluto and granada wrap up soon. can i get a gb&a or yamaha dreadnought(round hole) cutaway around 5k which sounds good?
    waiting for the reply..
  5. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Dear manju_is,
    How about going for lower ends accoustic-electric guitars (GB&A, Pluto etc.) that have inbuilt pickups with equaliser controls (preferably three low, mid and high) and tuner? They usually come under Rs. 5,000. IMO, this will serve both the purposes: The Accoustic Guitar and the pickups. So, go for this option.
  6. manju_is

    manju_is New Member

    i think wat u told is better option vicks. i wil check in the store whether it is available in the range of 5k. thaks for the reply.
  7. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Anytime buddy,
    BTW, where are you based manju_is? These guitars are available in Delhi.
  8. manju_is

    manju_is New Member

    yup. I am from bangalore... actually i hav my exams in jan. i m planning to buy after my exams.. hey do you have any guitarist friend in blore. so that i can take his help while buying the guitar? i m thiking to take any frnd with me to buy the guitar since i dono much about them. but none of my frnds hav touched guitar....
  9. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    @manju_is: Sorry buddy, I have no contacts there in Bangalore. You will need to manage this yourself. Till then, keep dreaming about your Guitar. Good luck.

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