Planning to buy a Pluto Acustic jumbo guitar

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by sagar.mantri, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. sagar.mantri

    sagar.mantri New Member

    hi friends,
    i am planning to buy a Pluto Acustic jumbo guitar. it is costing me near around 3800/-INR. please suggest about my decision. or any other alternative to this guitar. the guitar sounds good when i plyaed. and also need some comments on hobner/hobmer.
  2. ddaggi

    ddaggi New Member

    its a nice choice

    you should go for it man...pluto jumbo acoustic is a very nice has a good sound and is worth buying...nice choice
  3. sagar.mantri

    sagar.mantri New Member

    thanks man
  4. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    Very nice guitar...nice sound
  5. RAVI85

    RAVI85 New Member

    Hi friends I recently bought gb&a acoustic guitar. I bought it because my guitar teachers told me to. I want to know whether gb&a is a good guitar or not. If it is good what are its advantages and good qualities.
  6. clyde2525

    clyde2525 New Member

    i have a 100 dollar cheap guitar...but i love it, ill never get rid of it
  7. spinningwheel

    spinningwheel New Member

    GB&A is a quite good guitar i have one, although it's not a great sounding guitar but quite sturdy in it's build
  8. sanket2308

    sanket2308 New Member

    well....i dont know about gba but PLuto is really best choice, i myself is buying Pluto HW41-201C in next week or so. So go for it man !
  9. grimpreaper

    grimpreaper New Member


    If you're talking about Imported Pluto HW41-201 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar (which I own) then definitely its a good guitar. But be sure not to tune the strings too high (which I did) coz it will bend your guitar's neck withing 2 years or so (which is what happened to mine). :(
  10. Merog

    Merog New Member

    Guys, any best store in delhi for pluto guitars?

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