Planning on buying a guitar in a few days, need help!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by kavindra, May 7, 2008.

  1. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    I know its very long... but please read it. I beg of u.

    A complete rookie and extremely ignorant about guitar. Know nothing of any sort except well the history, the gods, the names of the parts and a little bit more[learnt it all from wikipedia and a book]. I had this dream about playing a guitar and truly have become passionate about it since then. Since that day, not even a single day has passed without me dreaming about getting a guitar. Every night i have the same dream about me playing a nice guitar, nicely. Have bookmarked all the sites and downloaded a load of books from internet. But the ground reality is that i haven't ever had a guitar in my hand. Now, i am living in kurukshetra [the mahabharata fame], some 200 km away from delhi. I am planning on buying a guitar in a few days [after 19th may]. I can shell out a maximum of 7-8k and i wish to have a steel strung acoustic. Please help. What should i buy. I do not wish to get some crap and later on getting frustrated not being able to play nicely. i was thinking of yamaha, gb&a and granada[though i didnt come across any granada online]. Please someone help and for heavens sake don't look confused yourself, it really knocks the daylights out of me when a teacher is confused.
  2. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    well, i know i read this.. prolly cos i have no life.

    here's advice for you:
    i have had my share of dreams of playing the guitar.. and well, in the excitement of it all you want the best of the best instruments and confidence is way above the mark. Once you get a guitar, the practice and the falls will only bring you down.. dont let yourself get to that mark.

    Get something in your budget.. something low key so that you can get your skills and practice. And once you've mastered that.. head onto something that make playing more worth it.

    More important than the instrument itself is knowing how to play it. If you say youve never had a guitar i think its most important that you learn how to play it first before you venture off to getting something fancy!

    make sense?
  3. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    Thanks, i think i follow that but i don't think i should go for something really cheap that would have a bad action, moo like a cow and buzz like a bee. That might make me frustrated and drop out. I read somewhere that i should go for the best i can afford. Please gimme a brand name too. And if someone will, gimme your phone no. I know that is too intimidating and personal but i would really like to talk to some pro. before i empty my pockets. Atleast tell me what u know about guitars, i mean the brands that are best in this range [7-8k].
  4. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    At the 7-8 k range, you'll be getting the low end yamaha guitars and I haven't played a yamaha guitar in that range that I've liked. My advice to you would be to go to a guitar with someone who knows what they're doing and pick out a guitar. Even the individual piece can sometimes have defects.
  5. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    :insane: but i don't have anyone who'll go with me to delhi. They'll all just tell me what to buy and that is what i hate the most. I am really horrified by the fact that there might be some defect in particular pieces and :secret: reading about bhargava's and bharat music house i am terrified and i am sure they'll gimme the bad ones. :please: help me.
  6. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    @kavi: by my telling you to buy something low key, i didnt mean you pick something that is near its lifespan. i merely meant that you should first purchase a learners guitar. master the instrument and then move on to one of the more expensive and finer pieces. When someone starts learning..they are often discouraged and that often leads to a waste of a great instrument if you've bought an expensive one.

    here's some spoonfed advice for you:
    -Get a learners guitar! And buy one that has a good resale value. That way, you can sell it at a great price when you looking for another guitar.
    -dont get steel strings now. if you don't know how to play yet.. you shouldnt attempt those. they'll hurt you and you'll end up getting callouses. Learn with nylon strings.. they're more flexible and easier to learn on. And then you can switch to steel as you gain confidence and comfort.
    -there are some great brands that make excellent learning guitars...fender, gibson and i think yamaha is another one :think:
  7. gcdrobin

    gcdrobin New Member

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  8. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    Hey I am not very sure that i'll get a nylon strung guitar in that range. I thought they were expensive. Not to worry about callouses. I already have them [i work out].

    Please consider my lo-fi range. 7000-8000. Yaar, i thought that was enough for a beginner's guitar.
  9. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    So, tell me these things. MOST IMPORTANT: "Does nylon strung guitar sound as good as steel strung?" Can i play the same genres? And is it really that bad? I mean it won't cut my finger off or something. And how long do u think it'll take a normal person to upgrade? I am asking because someone else too told me to go for a nylon string for now. I am learning from books and internet and people generally use steel strung. So, would i sound and play as good with a nylon strung? I heard it was rather suited to classical and spanish.
  10. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    HEY, CAN I USE NYLON AND STEEL STRINGS ON THE SAME GUITAR??? Someone told me i couldn't.
  11. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    i started on a 700 Rs guitar(whicj istill have)...and a friend of mine started with 2.5k givson guitar

    He quit after 2 months and the guitar is in his room gathering dust...i myself have since moved on to a ibanez electric and play in a band...

    If you can afford the yamaha go for it...
    bying he guitar is the easiest part learning to play is hard,,,,
  12. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    I think i'll just decrease my range. That would be safe. I am going to step into some college in a few days, so who knows what turn fate takes after that.
  13. rvnrahul

    rvnrahul New Member

    I think the best options for any beginner in India are Pluto, Gb&A, Granada (all under 4k).. All of them are good learners guitars with a good resale value in india.. Once you cross the initial stage of frustration when most of the guys give up, then maybe you can treat yourself to a yamaha or an ovation..

    As to choosing the guitar, There's a sticky thread in the forum about that, also read up on the possible defects a guitar can have.. just need to check them yourself.. And finally if you are starting out DO NOT go by the brand.. get one which feels right.. and sounds good..

    PS: chk out giVson as the LAST option, ie if u do not like ne other brand.. this is one brand where the name matters and it sux!!
  14. kavindra

    kavindra New Member

    I think i got that. Thanks. Yaar, ye 19th kab aayegi???
  15. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    so you still sticking to the steel or will you accept the nylon for now?

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