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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by prince4sin, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. prince4sin

    prince4sin New Member

    i'm mouli...
    i'm very much interested in buying a new semi-acoustic guitar.
    as i'm new to chennai i'm not able to find any good place over here to buy 1.

    plzzz help me out...
    1.) which is the better guitar...givson or greneda?
    2.) wats d cost of that model and where can i find it???

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me
  2. sam#3

    sam#3 The Lucifer

    Try at pro musicals, casa major road, chennai.... There's one more i hv heard of, musee musicals, i dont kno abt its location...
    btw man, y r u going fr the so called semiacoustc thing... I'll suggest u take an acoustic n u can add a pikup anytym u wish... All d more, u can get better quality pikups n attach them by yourself... Dat seems a better idea to me, coz the attached pikups u get in these semi acoustics r poor... U wont get proper bass... N going fr an acoustic by brands like givson, gren(wateva) is silly. They r all duplicates of bigger brands lyk gibson n all... So if gibson or ibanez dont fit in ur budget, choose an acoustic by testing it urself rather den lukin at names.. Each instrument differs.... Try the guitar urself... Chk d fret board, neck, bridge evrything.... If u r a beginner, tk help frm sumbdy experienced... Wen i got my acoustic way back, i dint luk at d brands... I tried all the pieces available n chose wat i felt ws d best, n i've no regrets, its d most comfortable acoustic i've evr played...
  3. avinkamath

    avinkamath New Member

    pro musicals no longer stock guitars.. i went there myself last week.. wat they did is just call up sapthaswara musicals and to give me the price that they hav quoted.. and even if they have stock i doubt if they wil let you try the guitars unless you are going for the low-end ones...
    so u better check out the following shops:
    Musee Musical Pvt. Ltd,near Devi Theatre,73, Mount Road,Chennai-600 002
    Phone: 2852 2780

    saptaswara musicals,opp to sanskrit college,mylapore.

    Aruna Musicals near Luz Corner
  4. Oliver Varier

    Oliver Varier New Member

    Hi there,

    I strongly recommend Saptaswara Musicals at Mylapore. I'm a regular customer of them, I've bought my Jackson DK2 dinky from them. Reasonable price with quality. Check it out.
    2nd preference would be Musee Musicals at Mount Road, very old shop, good collection as well.

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