Pickup Upgrade part deux

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by varunmm4, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Guitar: PRS Tremonti SE
    All Mahogany single cutaway body. Mahogany neck. Bound rosewood board. Slightly convex carved front body. Scale length 25". Wide fat neck. 22 frets. PRS wraparound bridge. Individual volume and tone for each pup.

    Stock Pups: "PRS Designed SE treble and bass humbuckers"
    The sound is low-mid rangey. (Sounds ok by myself but I find myself boosting highs or cutting lows during jams to compensate for not cutting through the mix). Medium output. Bass gets flabby at times on higher gain though not often - that might be down to the way it's set up. Otherwise the guitar tone is nice and thick. Good sustain. Capable of getting some nice warm tones.

    Sound wanted: Prog hard rock.
    Higher output is needed for sure. A little more bite on the top end maybe. Think Billy Howerdel but only on standard tuning or half step down. I'm considering the tried and tested duncan jb/jazz combo - waiting for flood to try it out and give some feedback before I make the upgrade. Oh and 4 conductor preferable - any suggestions? Anyone?

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