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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by abhijitnath, Aug 19, 2005.

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    Some techie question:
    1) Is it possible to direct-mount (a la AVH and Petrucci) covered pickups or do they necessarily need pickup rings?
    2) Also if I'm going for a mag/piezo/MIDI combo, why do I need selector switches to switch the source (i.e. from mag to synth etc?) Can't I just have 3 volume knobs onboard and trun down whichever I don't want to be audible? Additionally all these systems seem to include a momentary patch change sytem for the synth..can I make this footswitchable so I can remove a knob from the guitar?
    3) I'm planning a rig like this: Guitar>VHT Valvulator>Boss GT-8 with POD XT in the FX Loop for the mag, Boss Ad-8 for the piezo, and Korg KAOSS>AXON 100>Korg Triton for the MIDI, all going into either studio monitors, keyboard amps or Bose PAS (have'nt decided). Can I set all this up with a single MIDI foot controller i.e. when I press one button I'll have a MESA Boogie with delay on the Gt-8, Martin D-28 on the piezo and some synth pads onthe MIDI and if I press the next the synth and piezo are bypassed and only the mags are working. Any clue?
    4) Which pups are best for coil-tapping? I'm looking at a SD Jazz/JB combo as well as some Swineshead pickups. Also, is a coil tap with 3-way toggle the best way to go or the PRS 5-way rotary?
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    hey abhijeet...do chk the attachemnt.....hope it helps...

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    ......& some links ..........

    here are some useful links......custom ztarrs(starr labs) are an excellent choice but REALLY heavy on the pocket.im saving for a custom z6.if its your first hybrid setup,then i suggest u go in for a roland ready strat>>>roland gr33~~roland us 20~~roland vg 88>>>output to your liking.U can further midi the triton to the gr33 that saves u alot of money n added hassle over a new controller,and as u please...keep adding on....
    as for the strat...u can go in for Ghost piezo saddles which are reallllllyy good and opt for a stereo y cable which cud go to a simple volume pedal to control piezo volume n level ....boss ad 8 would be nice here.keep in mind that u'll have 4 pedals on the floor 3 medium n 1 small(us20 selector)










    happy hunting........
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    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    Hey thanks a lot soulscape..yeah that pretty much answers everything...
    I was looking at a Brian Moore , but I've decided to go the custom guitar route-a PRS copy with the Graphtech Acoustiphonic/Hexpander..similiar to the LR Baggs/RMC setup used by Godin and Brian Moore...I'm lefthanded and neither of these companies make lefties..Its going to cost roughly the same amount but with better build quality
    I did want to go the rack route....but a little later...Eventide H8000 and TC Electronics G-System into the Vetta III whenever its released:)
    I guess my FX loop thing was a confusion..I meant I would use hte 4cables method and use the POD XT as the amp module for the GT-8 since the amp sims on the latter arent the greatest.
    I basically wanted to minimise knobs on my guitar..right now I'm going for a mag volume, stacked mag tone/piezo volume, synth volume and PRS 5-way rotary. Guess I will add a mini-toggle for p1-p2 switching as well now!
    Thanks again:)

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