Pick technique: Ways to hold the pick

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    1.1 Pick technique: Ways to hold the pick
    1.1.1 Standard Style
    1.1.2 Thumb pick
    1.1.3 Wes Montogomery technique
    1.1.4 Standard style, variation 1
    1.1.5 Standard style, variation 2
    1.1.6 Standard style, variation 3
    1.1.7 Circle picking
    1.1.8 George Benson's picking style
    1.1.9 Notes about the Benson approach
    1.2 Pick technique: Other picking issues
    1.2.1 Shoulder and elbow motion
    1.2.2 Wrist motion: Geometry
    1.2.3 Wrist motion applied to picking
    1.2.4 The other three fingers
    1.2.5 Picking angle: The miracle cure
    1.2.6 The arc of the strings
    1.2.7 The direction the pick points
    1.2.8 The angle between the plane of the pick and the line of the string
    1.2.9 Where on the length of the string to pick
    1.2.10 The best pick to use
    1.2.11 Alternate/transverse/rhythmic picking on single lines
    1.2.12 Miscellaneous picking details
    2.0 Fingerstyle technique
    2.0.1 Development of fingerstyle
    2.0.2 The fundamentals of fingerstyle technique according to Tuck
    2.0.3 Choosing which finger to use when playing single lines
    2.0.4 How to use picking to improve fingerstyle

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