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    Hi IGTians,

    I am a 30+ regular joe who does take no pride in saying that he is a perpetual beginner. I have always loved guitars. Got my first one in '98 a GiVson SD-1 (a la Jadu Teri Nazar) and a local powered speaker. Went to a very good teacher for couple of months before he had his fingers almost chopped by a pedestal fan (he recovered in few months) and i had to appear for 12th boards entrance etc. Played guitar almost daily during engg, but it was mostly bolly songs. Sold SD-1 to a classmate and got a custom made one from my teacher. Also got some local amp from (IIRC Lahore Music in Darya Ganj) and Zoom 505 II from R N Bhargav. Later on traded the Zoom for a Korg AX100G. Continued till 1st sem in Masters but then Marks and getting placed took front seat. Guitar was out until i got my 3rd sal. Bought a Gregg Bennett AV-1 and a MG10CD (had sold the earlier setup). Tinged it for few months then got a Sax after selling the AV-1. In 2008 got crazy again bought a Squire Strat and a Beta Aivin Amp. Guess what sold it again. Yeah i agree wid you, i am crazy.
    This was followed by a a Yamaha DD65 in Mar 10 (is with a friend now) and Yamaha F310(sold) followed by a Pluto Classical in late 2010. Since then i have been strumming the guitar. Having started with an electric i knew what i was missing. Ever since 2004, this was the longest i have every played any instrument. So i decided to gift myself a new 'tric.

    One fine day, Jan 31 to be precise, got my self a Cort X6SM and a Line6 Spider IV 15. Since last 6 weeks now i am practicing the guitar daily. My practice routine is scales and string skipping from 120-160bpm and Seek and Destroy (without the solo and a rough version of the riff that goes with solo). Occasionally i play Symphony of Destruction and Unforgiven (when my palm starts aching) too and Crazy train intro riff for practice. Awaiting the arrival of Behringer US600 bought from Amazon(had someone carry it) because i want to play Sad but True and few others that require non-standard tuning and last week got a Zoom G3 too from (12600) .

    Most of you are much younger than me and definitely 10x better. Hope to learn a lot from you all.


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