Perfect Pitch.. WTF???

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    Let's talk about perfect pitch in this thread. Do you think you have perfect pitch? Can you differentiate the notes by your ear? You must be lucky!! There are ear training courses available which can improve your perfect pitch sense. BUT, are those lessons up to the mark? Tell us your experience...

  2. Keoraf

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    I don't know what you are meaning by "perfect pitch", But if you meant the Sur, for example when someone is singing, then yes i can hear it when someone is out of Sur or not.
    My experience about this issue is, the majority of people can't hear when someone is out of Sur, but ofcourse when someone is badly out of Sur then almost everyone is able to hear it!
    There are very less people who can control their Sur very well, even professional singers can't!!! For example Kumar Sanu, i never heard a live performance if this man in a good Sur, although i like most of his songs cause he made some very good songs. Another example is Madonna, i call this kind of singers, "studio singers"
  3. vstanv

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    Perfect pitch? Me? Noways! I would be so suprised if I see anyone with that!

    training for perfect pitch!!? must be a joke! Yeah, I've seen there are ear-training lessons etc... but the best ear training I think can come only from self-exploration.... 'trying to figure out tunes' Even that can help only to our relative pitch. How can we get a perfect pitch!! Oooh!

    Anws, I remb reading a thread here sometime back, someone telling how we don't need to care about perfect pitch.. how relative pitch is all that matters for a musician! I'm with him...

    People with perfect pitch are those who would be able to figure out tunes without an instrument! call out notes in the tune ! Or simulate how they would play it in an instrument ,in the mind ! Even if I tried to figure out a tune all in my mind, I would only be working on how much the second note played is higher/lower than the first note... But people with perfect pitch should be able to do it like "Oh the first note is a C the second one is an E" (all i can do is just find dat second note is two notes higher)
  4. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    and oh yea! people with perfect pitch shouldn't need anythin for reference to tune an instrument. I use a pitch pipe or my metronome's tuner for a reference e note... they must be using just the mind!
  5. spydra

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    I used to be able to tune a guitar to standard E without using a tuner....sometimes I still do it though not as accurately. I could do it only if I was in silence for some time. The minute I'd hear a different note, I'd tune to it instead.
  6. spydra

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    oh and I can sometimes figure out chords to easy songs by just listening to the song...but that's something a lot of people can do so its not really perfect pitch.
  7. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    yea.. we all have a little atleast i guess.. just so faint a degree, that we can't call ourselves as people with perfect pitch... I think of the 'nothin else matters' intro sometimes to get an e

    ok i looked up the wikipedia now and it calls it as 'absolute pitch'

    As from wiki...

    "Possessors of absolute pitch exhibit the ability in varying degrees. Generally, absolute pitch implies some or all of the following abilities:[4]

    * Identify by name individual pitches (e.g. A, B, C#) played on various instruments
    * Name the key of a given piece of tonal music just by listening (without reference to an external tone)
    * Identify and name all the tones of a given chord or other tonal mass
    * Sing a given pitch without an external reference
    * Name the pitches of common everyday noises such as car horns"

    The last one is pretty interesting!
  8. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    ...that last one reminds me of this- a frnd of mine knows a drummer who'd give exercises like "hey wats the meter in that fan noise" (3/4? 4/4? kind of stuff...)
  9. spydra

    spydra New Member

    My favourite story is about a Calcutta based guitarist, Sumith Ramachandran. He comes from a village in Kerela which is famous for it's folk singers. His village, like most villages, is next to the railway tracks. As a kid, he used to be able to identify which train was passing by just by hearing the whistle of the train.

    I'm not sure how that works because it isn't the same engine pulling the same train usually? The story, or some variation of it, is true...and this guy does seem to have perfect pitch.

    He is an amusing guy. I was sitting at Someplace Else (a pub in Calcutta with free live music) and he was playing and in between a song, there was this loud peal of laughter from somewhere in the crowd and he just casually picked out the perfect note and mimiced the laugh on his guitar.

    He also makes silly faces when he plays and has a bugs bunny sticker on his Ibanez. I reccomend anyone who's from Calcutta check him out.
  10. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    What is Perfect Pitch?

    For those who don't know about perfect pitch, here is a short introduction:

    Perfect Pitch is the ability to find out notes by only hearing to them. It's not relative pitch, where you relate one note with another note and by comparison, you make out what note it is. If you had perfect pitch, you could even tell on which scale, a bird is singing ( or.... are farting.... funny but true :p: )....
  11. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Perfect Pitch, as they say. is color hearing (believe it or not). It's just like you sense the different colors and can name it, you can sense the notes and name it. Just think about the consequence! Suppose you have joined a band and doing a gig for them. Unfortunately, you did not practice with them and you don't know the chords. Still, you can perform with them by only hearing to what they are playing!

    Every one has more or less perfect pitch ears (unless you are tone deaf). Just try this out...

    Go to your instrument... Play F# and D#
    You'll notice that the F# note sounds a bit Tangy and the D# sounds a bit mellow. Each of the 12 notes have their uniqueness and the more you keep listening, more you can differentiate! Give it a try and let me know....
  12. satch_attack

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    The more you play, the more familiar you will get with the notes you are playing and slowly but surely ,your ability to pick out notes by ear will improve.When a person is singing,staying perfectly in scale throughout the song is extremely difficult.But this is what differentiates good singers from great ones.To me staying in tune or in scale whilst incorporating good dynamics is the mark of a great singer.

    Like keoraf said,even professional singers cant stay in scale or sur for their entire performance.But then man created Auto-tune,and lol....things have changed since then.
  13. perseus

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    Perfect pitch? Is there such a thing?
    Hit an A chord. If you can't, listen to key here

    That's A major, the opening. Hear it? Remember that key.

    Just remember the one key.
    You don't need a tuner.
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    Dude. What's with you posting ir/relevant vids all over the forum? -_-'
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    any updates??
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    ^woah you still around????? u havn't posted a single alphabet in a long time..............
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    He's ninja in an awesome kinda way.

    sugata who's tania?
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    How did you know about Tania!!??

    ANy one has any updates on perfect pitch??
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    because I'm a purv.
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    LOL, sugata seems like you've been hacked.

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