Penance and a Friend

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    A friend who decides to stay, when 'the hero' decides penance for his crimes
    Sort of sequel to "Contemplating in Solitude"

    I look into those solemn eyes,
    Heart filled with sorrow.
    My eyes speaking for me,
    disgraced by shame.

    I speak to the holy god,
    confessions for my wrongdoings;
    And he shows no escape,
    Only results are sufferings.
    What I did I must bear
    the consequences of, I know.
    So I stand, my head bowed,
    and stare the earth below.

    I have but one, a company,
    to survive me of loneliness.
    Bring a smile to my face,
    only the joy to harness.

    How long shall you wait, my friend?
    My penance could last a lifetime.
    To break my shell of isolation,
    to unburden me of my crime.

    My cries could effect you,
    My pains shall discomfort too.
    But you stay in my displeasures,
    A friend so dear and true.
    I know I would have died long ago,
    I live because of a friend like you.

    true Friends stay when the world walks correct!
    I normally dont write about friendship and love, etc......too common topics.....but this one was different, so.......
  2. wow .... friendship is pious thing ...i hate people who mess with the thought...but htis ws really a side which one can says, its better than i thought...
    i will post the other side...done !!
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    post post....

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