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  1. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Hey Mubeen, very nicely done man, good vocals, my compliments!
    Just the recording isn't very good, try to make some better sounding recordings man. Too much noise in the background and the sound is very dull.
    Anyways, keep going man and take care!!!
  3. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    hey thnxx keoraf!!yeah da recording isnt so gud cuz i was using quite a normal mic!!!
    jus wanted to ask dat a lot of people say my voice quality is very light!!!do i need to make it a lil bassy or a lil heavy or its ok wat i possess at da moment???????????????......nd how shud i get rid of da distortion in da recording wen i go to the higher notes in dis song cuz i was vere near to da mic ,it caught distortion!!???????????????????
  4. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Can't say much about this issue Mubeen. In my opinion, just try to sing your own way and don't try to change your voice because of what other people are saying. Cause i think that a person sings his/her best way when he/she is being his/her self! By changing your voice you can't be yourself and you won't be able to do the things you want to do. But once again, this is just my opinion!
    If you want to change your voice, just add some effects on the vocal track!
  5. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    nopes man i wasnt changin my voice!!wat it seemed,,did u feel m tryin to copy atif???
  6. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    No man, i didn't say you tried to copy anyone, i just tried to give you my opinion about what you asked!

    I also think you have a good voice as you sing very well too, only thing you should try to improve is, just try to sing with more feelings and passion, so if i compare this song with your other songs, i think this song and your To Phir Aao are your better songs!!!
  7. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Oh yeah, about the distortion in your vocals, its called the clipping of the recording, so how to get rid of it. Just slightly take away the mic from you when singing louder/higher notes and back to you when singing in the normal level.
  8. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    o yes i too really feel da difference in dother songs ,,,

    gysssssssss neeed moe koments!!!!!
  9. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    gyz neeed some coments!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    nice cover man............superb chords..........

    you play the keys eh??? cool........much much better than your previous cover;)

    good lead.....

    actually the recording is most of the recordings here....but somehow felt dull..........

    but :rockon:

  11. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    thnx sucrut!!!bt m more koncerned abt vokals!!!cud u pls koment on dem???
  12. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    You have a very pleasant voice. What kind of music are you into?
  13. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    thnxx,,,,m not at all into nee sort of music,,as m only doing music as fun nd as my hobby!!! i just luv pop music...!!!
  14. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    Good one .....whole stuff..!!(u know i like this song very much...coz its so close to my heart.)

    I don't want to be preacher of singing as such .....but yeah....few things which i have done for myself....would like to share with you...every singer has a kind of a high bass singer would sing low scale songs very beautifully...and a tonal one would sing high note songs with Narayan can sing low and Sukhvinder singh would sing high..its very rare to sing both variety with thing is you have try hard to sing something of your genre i not only mean high or low note but also mean variety fast slow.....voice modulation ....language adherence like some singers are remarkable in urdu ..but some look awful when singing complete urdu songs....
    so u must be thinking all the while why i have been saying all the above....its very simple ....when you are trying to sing a song of different genre just try to mimic the style....u don't need to be mubeen_rocks anymore ..u have to become atif_rocks man :) literally
    its like when amitabh becomes a cook ...he does all the things like a just pretend to be one....then try to do like that..after some practice you can get there....
    it may need listening to the song even 1000 times ..which i have done few times...and singing...i dont' know i guess...24*7 in ur mind..till u get it......get by heart the lyrics ....most important thing..don't read...sing from mind....and try to be one....imposter ......and after few practice sessions you will become the real one...

    now i think your version was more of a instrumental one if i fathom clearly....Sukurt is happy because he likes every keyboard player who plays guitar... :) so if you records like a song with vocal more prominent..and rhythm like a cover version....I would be the first one to hear it....please do let me know once you

    P.S.:Those giving engineering final/or any other exams please don't read the above :)
  15. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    hoooooooooo...took a long time reading ur advice!!!!nee ways thnxx,,,nee more koments
  16. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    thats right player......

    @mubeen: im not a singer nor can i judge......therefore i can comment only on the instrumental part of your song............

    but keep going dude.......thats all i have to say........:rock:

  17. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    dude its sukrut
  18. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    aright dudes!!!thnx neways !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aur koi hi jo koment kerey???
  19. arjuneshm

    arjuneshm New Member

    i want pehli nazar tabs

    i want pehli nazar tabs
  20. hiamish

    hiamish New Member

    Thanks. keep it up

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