Pehla nasha pehla ghumaar.. a gift frm my side to lucky people in love

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by gunjan_oflove, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. gunjan_oflove

    gunjan_oflove New Member

    Chahe tum kuch na kaho
    Maine sun liya
    Ke saathi pyaar ka
    Maine chun liya, maine chun liya , chun liya

    F---------------------Dm----------------Bb-----------------C(2 times)
    Tan tanan tanan nan nan nanan :)hehe

    Pehla nasha, pehla ghumaar
    Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
    Karlun main kya apna haal
    Ai dil e bekaraar
    Mere dil e bekaraar
    Tu hi bataa

  2. Zion

    Zion *** Santana Ka Baap ***

    too good!!!

    too good man......... awesome.. enjoyed playing that song.. tussi top ban gaye ho paaji...!!!! :beer:
  3. gunjan_oflove

    gunjan_oflove New Member

    hehe..why does everyone thinks here ki i`m paaji? i`m bhehanji:p..i mean i`m a female..

    Its good that you enjoyed it:)

  4. Zion

    Zion *** Santana Ka Baap ***

    Whoa...... a female playing pehla nasha.. too good.... nothing better.. your bf must be pretty happy.. nice chords keep up the good work...!!!
  5. gunjan_oflove

    gunjan_oflove New Member

    They say..
    <<grass seems greener at the other end>> b/f left me:) so..U can see how happy he was..
    I dont wanno miss him again early in the morning..
    so guess i shouldn`t talk abt him:)

    You take care! Buddy!
    by the way I`ll send you a new one i`ve been working on tonite!

  6. nabsha

    nabsha New Member

    Nice one

    Just wanted to say... .

    Nice one Gunjan. Enjoyed playing that.

  7. Zion

    Zion *** Santana Ka Baap ***

    :shock: hmm.... dont worrry about him.. you will get a better one.. more deserving... so dont worry about it.. anyways am waiting for your new chord.. gunjan :p
  8. gunjan_oflove

    gunjan_oflove New Member

    Awww..I know..i`m not worried at all..I know..My true love which was dumped or..which wasnt appreciated..i`m sure someone will surely come one day to wipe this pain off:)
    anyways..:) i wasnt able to post the new chords last night as my laptop stopped working..i`ll do that tonite..:)

    You take care..

  9. Zion

    Zion *** Santana Ka Baap ***

    :beer: take ur time...
  10. max3do

    max3do New Member


    Ur B/f Left u...SHIT...i am so Shocked to hear that....i was laughing just a moment Ago to read that PaaaJI..Thing UP...and was Thinking that ur bf is really really Lucky man....
    U know if i was ur BF (just giving u an example)
    i will give u all the LOVE in this world, cuz i even can't think about my GF playing for me...She is a now i know not every girl is just that Duffer like mine GIRL.....
    Shit.... Infect leaving the GIRL like u is not that easy for boy....Zarorr tum Moti Ho ge..... :p
  11. gunjan_oflove

    gunjan_oflove New Member

    Haha..i`m not motti..aap hoge motte ex b/f used to call me a duffer..when i used to do something stupid..
    Well u say its not easy for heart says that..but..he says he`s happy without me and i`m not the that shows its easy for him..:) aapki moton waali category mein aane wala kaam karne ko mann hai abhi to..feel like eating..a beef burger..

    In favour of ur g/f..:::

    So whut if she doesnt know how to play on guitar..she loves u from heart..just tell her abt ur vo guitar bajaaye..i assure u..she`ll do it for u:)

  12. Zion

    Zion *** Santana Ka Baap ***

    :) :) :) hahahhahahha... see gunjan? all guys love thier gfs playing guitar for them... and specially this song... :p
  13. scot_hacker

    scot_hacker New Member

    Can't help falling in love...
  14. Natasia

    Natasia ...

    u said it dude.... :) ...
  15. shyam

    shyam New Member

    damned sweet chords gujan...but
    ugh, the lameness of you guys... :think:
  16. Taj

    Taj New Member

    love bird(s) lolzzzzz
    i never checked out this thread
    everyone seems to be a philosopher over here lolz
    enjoy guys :)
    rock IGT !
  17. pacificj

    pacificj New Member

    please if someone can get me the TABs of pehla nasha... i'm not very good at chords but am pretty comfy with tabs... i'll appreciate it please....
  18. mudgalbharat

    mudgalbharat Silence Must be Heard

    Maximum Replies !!

    I have been to many forums, and as always, a woman gets the maximum replies :)

    Hey Gunajn, no heat on this...just expressing what i think.

    Anyways, welcome me to the club, i was ditched... and i picked up the guitar since last month....what do you say...right choice??


    Bharat Mudgal
  19. hotguy_me

    hotguy_me New Member

    Check THis out ....

    Original post deleted by ADMIN
  20. preezer369

    preezer369 New Member

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