Pedals and Pedalboard for sale

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    Boss BCB60 Pedal board with Original PSU for 7 pedals with Patch Cables.
    Route 66
    Boss OD-3
    Boss MT-2
    Boss NS-2
    MXR Micro Flanger
    Nothing more than 3months old!

    Boss DS-2 ...couple of years old
    All pedals and board in excellent condition, no scratches.

    The Boss DD7 is sold already, so don't ask me for it...(the DD7 was sold before i posted the pic)
    Keen to let go off the pedals with the board as a whole unit....
    All with original Boxes and manuals and Bills!!!..(Under Warranty...except for the DS-2)
    PM your best offer!...highest bidder wins!!...start from 22k upwards (Boss DS-2 will sell separately)

    Location: Mangalore

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