PC Recording Equipment for Sale - M-audio Pre interface and Samson mike

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    PC Recording Equipment for Sale - M-audio USB interface and Samson mike

    Computer Recording Equipment for Sale.

    I bought this equipment in US but selling it since I am not using it in India.
    It is in brand new condition, it is very sparingly used. It can be used with any recodrding software like Audacity.

    This is very ideal for Guitar recording. Recording quality is execellent.
    I bought this after good advice from Jayswami.

    M-Audio USB Interface
    Bought it for 100 $

    Samson Q7 Mike
    Bought it for 90$

    Connecting Cables (best quality from sweetwater) 20 $

    Asking price is 6000 Rupees. It is a great deal.

    Call me on my cell 9819841509. I am at Mumbai

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    if u can bring down to around 4.5k .....and which place are u living

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