Paroshpathor: podmar katha

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  1. sibabrata

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    I am not sure if this was requested earlier... can you guys help me with the chords of Padmar katha by the Bangla band Paroshpathor?
  2. deb7sk

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    Chords of Padma by Parashpathar

    Song: Padma
    Singer and Composer: Parashpathar


    Padma’r katha koila bandhu koila meghna rupashi
    Shona magher hashi dila, hath baraiya hath-o dila
    Tabu koinya nam koila na

    Abar jodi ashi koinya tomar ranga dash-ete
    Hath baraiya niyo koinya, tomar shona pashete
    Tabu koinya na koio na

    Koibo re koibo re bandhu nadi’r katha koibo re
    Majhi’r katha paran byatha, chand-er tol-e pradip jwale na
    Oooo Bandhu tomar gaan-er katha amar kache kanta(?) re
    Taito bandhu naam koilam na re
    Taito bandhu naam koilam na

    *Note: Once again, I heard this song for the first time today as music file and found a request for the chords at the same time!! Quite a coincidence. Well, this song brought back quite a few good old memories of my jadavpur days when ayanda and anindyada of parashpathar (it was in its budding stage back in 1994-97) used to sing these songs almost all the time at AC canteen on campus. I remember strumming my guitar with them on a couple of occassions, but then I do not even remember the chords that I played (or rather what they asked me to play). Anyways, I have tried to get the correct chord structure (and also the intro lead portion). The song seems to be quite easy. However, any comments/advice/corrections to this are more than welcome. Sibabrata, I hope this serves your purpose.
  3. Arindam.Ray

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    Great !!

    Great job deb....the chords are perfect....though i played it on D/G/C...due to my singer..who has a very very high pitch....

    But the intro needs a little bit of correction as some double notes should be added/ i remember the lead was played on a 12 string guitar by rishi...the lead infact was taken from "momo chitte..." the famous rabindrasangeet....anyway...all in all...job very well done...if you can post the chords & leads of prohori,megher bou also...if i get the time..i'll post then...but in the meantime if you post these also....

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
  4. deb7sk

    deb7sk New Member


    Thanks once again Arindam.
    I realised that I skipped out a good portion of the intro. The part I tabbed in was the easy part (momo chitte as you had pointed). However, not having enough time is the biggest impediment that I have (like a lot of other people, I believe) to figure out challenging riffs. But I promise to try. amar kache prohori'r mp3 file-ta ache, but I do not have megh-er bou! egulo charao I have several hindi songs (old kishore/rd combinations) which I would like to post, but only after I get a chance to work on them. Thanks a lot to you once again for boosting my morale

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