Pani Da Rang Guitar Chords

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  1. Sanketmm

    Sanketmm New Member

    The strumming patern that i play is DUUDUU i.e. down-up-up-down-up-up

    (Em)pani da rang (C/D)vekh ke-3 times

    (C)aankhiya jo (D)anju rul (Em)de
    (C)aankhiya jo (D)anju rul (Em)de
    (aankiya jo anju rul de)
    (Em)maahiya na aaya mera
    (D)maahiya na(Em)aaya-2 times
    (C)raanjha na aaya mera
    (D)maahiya na (C)aaya
    (Em)maahiya na (C)aaya mera
    (C)raanjha na (Em)aaya
    (Em)aankhaan da noor(C)vekh ke
    (Em)aankhaan da noor(C)vekh ke
    (C)aankhiyaan jo (D)anju rul
    (C)aankhiyaan jo (D)anju rul

    (Em)kamli ho gayi tere bina
    (D)aaja raanjhan (Em)mere- 2 times
    (C)baarish barkha sab kuch beh gayi (D)aaya jind ni(Em)mere-(2 times)

    Aankhaan da..nor vekh ke-2
    Aankhiyaan jo anju rul de-3

    (Em)Kothe utte baihke
    (D)Aankhiyaan milaunde
    (C)Na jaana (D)mainu tu kabhi (Em)chod
    (Em)Tere utte marda
    (D)Pyaar tenu karda
    (C)Milega (D)tujhe na koi (Em)aur
    (Em)Tu bhi aa…sabko (D)chod ke

    Meri aankhiyaan jo anju rul de
    Aankhiyaan jo anju rul de
    Paani da..rang vekh ke-3

    Aankhiyaan jo anju rul de-2
  2. Sanketmm

    Sanketmm New Member

    many people have asked me what is (C/D)...
    in this you can play any of them... but playing C i prefer and dont play C and D because you have to play it fast and it will be wrong
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Then that is a wrong notation.

    If you write C/D - it simply means that you play C chord with D as the bass note.

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