pakistani guitarist too monotonous?????

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by shak, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. shak

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    hi...i live here in birmingham and yesterday i was having a chat with my english friend (i always encourage him to listen to pakistani music)...well he made a very good point...the pakistani guitarist lack creativity...and i had to agree with him..i thought i might ask you guys about your opinion...
    the thing is that the pakistani guitarist are too monotonous...

    take nabeel(aaroh) listen to any of his songs and he will start off with slow chorus effect clean guitar...then comes the solo...he starts his solo with a lot of slow bends and retards and tremolo bar dips...then goes on to do the melody part and finally a fast barage of quick pull offs and hamer ons (almost metal) and the solo ends..then in between the songs he suddenly goes for the heavy power chords and do fast chord progressions...and the song ends...listen to any of the aarohs song and you will notice this trend...too monotonous..

    shallum xavier...this guy knows nothing than to gear up his guitar with delay and echo effect and do quick staccatto type strumming...his solos are always littered with quick note changes and he goes up and down the fretboard like crazy...listen to his song and he always concentrated more on speed than melody...too monotonous again...

    salman ahmad....good guitarist but then again ...listen to any of the junoon song and you will see a definite pattern..clean intro, solo with far too many bends and wild strumming....

    bilal maqsood (strings) guys to be very honest ...i am sure this guy never plays guitar on his songs.......i have always believed that shallum plays the guitar fo strings...listen to "pal" "sohniyae" etc ect..and you will definitely feel the shallum's magic....and on the cover of strings new (windows xp inspired) album they say that they want to thanks shallum for his contribution for the guitars!!!!!!!......

    well this post is getting too long if i get the positive feed back i will write some give me your opinions!
  2. rizaaj

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    nice observation.. .but will take me some time to think before posting some kinda reply....
  3. shak

    shak Harrr!

    thanks but i have deleted the other one...dunno how it got there twice....
  4. rizaaj

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    me also deleted ma message :)
  5. rizaaj

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    No give them some time and see you will get a lot of comments as you reply.. i gues you are new here... if thats the case then jus wait and see.. and lets not get off topic
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    ummmm personally i like faraz anwar from mizraab and amir zaki is quite good as well.....but dunno if u no them. i think faraz is quite good and i like the combi of the guitar with the tablas and the drums......i dont think its monotonous.......

    Mr.CHILLER New Member

    if too monotonuos then dont listen

    the ont does nothing talks.talkers are not good
    everybody has his own style u cant say he is monotonous that is his naturl
    instinctictive behaviour of playing the guitar .if u want to change the style then u have to fabricate the stuff.that doesnt help matters.once somebody
    asked Shahrukh Khan that in every movie he is havin same style,he shud change it.he replied that if u want another style gho to somebody else.i have my style.uniqueness of paki guitar gods is what makes them rule.
    waiting for reply.
  8. mani_rawalpindi

    mani_rawalpindi GUNS AND GUITARS

    hey u cannot blame guitarist for that blame composers if u want
  9. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    chiller is right. every guy on earth has his/her way of doin things. guitarists are no exception. and anyways i doubt whether that english dude has actually heard enough of them to really point out such a thing !
  10. d_ist_urb_ed

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    Wrong forum. There is a seperate forum for such discussions. Please confine all music related discussions to the Music Talk forum. Thread will be moved.
  11. PurpleHaze

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    Listent to Mizraab's Faraz Anwar and Overdrive's Akbar, they are the best Pakistan has to offer in my opinion, you might change your mind after listening to them. :beer:
  12. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Monotonous Yes.. But Bilal did play..
  13. syed_420

    syed_420 New Member

    i agreee sharukh coz if u listen call's pukar and ther also a english band played the same thing. i dono the band name but ill let u guyz know soon. but i m totally agree wit sharukh.
    peace out
  14. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    bilal may be a fraud. but shallum xavier is alright. listen to his solo in "ae chand". ROCKS.
  15. shak

    shak Harrr!

    MR CHILLER....i am very sorry but i actually totally disagree with said that every guitar player has his own way of playing guitar ...a STYLE rather...nop mr chiller ...ever heard the name of jimi hendrix..he is considered the best guitarist of all times...why? cuz he had a totally different approach to guitar playing.....every song that he made had a different feel and a different style..and when the modern scales and chords couldn't keep up with his inovations...he MADE HIS OWN CHORDS AND SCALES...this is what i call ingenuity....listen to metallica's kirk hammet..he goes all the way from metal(song:battery) to soft soothing blues(song:sanitarium,one etc) and now he is totally going for nu-metal(st.anger whole album)...i mean to stick to one single style of music takes you no where...aamir zaki is in my opinion the best of all pakistani guitarist (and a world standard as well) he can play anything from blues to pop and oriental to rock....this is what guitar playing is...Carlos santana has a ever changing style in past he was very latin and now he is drifting towards pop...this is ingenuity....and the list goes on...i hope now that you have a broader view of things you can judge the present day pakistani guitarists neutrally...and yeah keep on mind..I AM NOT SAYING THAT PAKI GUITARIST LACK SKILL...i think they have great potential and great attitude..they just need to break the shell and go out and explore new horizons..(meekal hassan is doing very well!) ....and please dont compare guitar playing with film acting ... to deliver a script using your voice or doing some silly dance to express your emotions is no big deal....but expressing yourself through six steel string instrument is a whole another ball game...

    P.s: my english buddy has more pakistani albums than me...although he never understands a single word but he knows more than me...strange..but true :think:


    Agree with Shahruk
  17. bluepsycho

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  18. JohnnyHiFi

    JohnnyHiFi New Member

    Hey all,

    Asif Khan here from the US, drummer for Johnny Hi-Fi, and critic of music.

    Pakistani guitar solos is an oxymoron,

    there shouldn't be a single solo in any song, these players (every one) are just rehashing what the US thought was a good idea, in the 1980's, and early 90's for hair metal bands, utter crap

    what they should focus on is the root melody, with a powerful bridge, and soaring choruses

    forget chops, I know 10 year olds that are better guitarists (technically) tahn anyone mentioned thus far....

    pakistani solos.....ugh!! its just sounds like ULTIMATE cheese,

    and yes I have production ideas, and arrangement ideas to make any pakistani song better than it is, with a few exceptions of Paki-pop songs that are already pretty good.

    if they are going to solo, it better be something everlasting, not just easy scales that I could do in my sleep, and I'm a drummer!

    -- discussions are always welcomed
  19. dashingmoiz

    dashingmoiz New Member

    Hold on! Bilal is no fraud. He composes all String's songs with his only band mate Faisal. But, he is not a great instrumentalist who can do magic with guitar. He's a sound musician though. And yes Shallum Xavier always helps them.

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