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  1. saurabh_taurian

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    Hi everyone!! im a great fan of the pak band THE CALL and i just love SAB BHULA KE by them. i searched the tabs for it here but was not satisfied. i mean some tabs were on standard tuning nd some on drop down D. and most of them were incomplete and im unable to tab it out myself. So, its my request to u guyz to please send me the correct tabs and more gratetful if u can attach a audio clip for the same of ur own recording coz its difficult to figure ou in d song what actually is played behind d vocals,,,,,,thanks
  2. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    i'm working on a guitar pro of this... well i got till the solo then i got bored, lol. but there was a thread on this a while back where i posted whatever i had. the song is in DADGAD, and ya whatever. so just use the searchbutton.
  3. saurabh_taurian

    saurabh_taurian New Member


    Hey please can send me dat guitar pro file?? send me d incomplete one no worries about dat....plz plz plz. my id is
  4. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    dood, don't post ur darn email id unless u want both, a mod and spam bot on ur bak. lolz
  5. saurabh_taurian

    saurabh_taurian New Member

    ok i'll take care of dat in future......please will u send me the GP file??
  6. soumyakoley

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    can anybody gimme any link for the song 'Hum Se Hai Yeh Zamaana' by call. It was released during cricket WC'2007.
  7. bloodlin3

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    Itzz availaible on Apniisp

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