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    Dear all,

    Please find the Chords Of Paint My Love :rock: :

    B E F# B B G#m
    From my youngest years , 'til this moment here
    E F# B
    I've never seen , such a lovely queen.
    B E F# B B G#m
    From the skies above , to the deepest love ,
    E B B G#m E
    I've never felt , crazy like this before

    D G A D
    Paint my love , you should paint my love
    D Bm E A
    It's the picture of a thousand sunsets ,
    D G A Bm
    It's the freedom of , a thousand doves ,
    G A D F#
    Baby you should paint my love

    Please give your valuable suggesions... :beer:

    With regards,
  2. raja28loyola

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    just check these out and reply

    Paint My Love
    Michael Learns To Rock
    >From my youngest years[E] , [F#]'til this moment here
    [G#m]I've never se[E]en , [F#]such a lovely queen.
    >From the skies [E]ab[F#]ove , to the deepest love ,
    [G#m]I've never fe[E]lt , [G#m] crazy [F#]like this[E] before

    CHORUS :
    [D]Paint my lo[G]ve , you shou[A]ld paint my lo[D]ve
    It's [Bm]the pi[E]cture of a [A]thousand sunsets ,
    It's the[D] freedom[G] of ,[A] a thousand[Bm] doves ,
    Bab[G]y yo[A]u should [D]paint my[F#] love

    Been around the world , then I met you girl
    Its like coming home , to a place I know

    [F]Since you c[C]ame int[Bb]o my life ,[F] [Dm]the days before al[G]l fade to bla[C]ck and [Bb]white
    Since you c[F]ame i[Am]nto my [Dm]life (into [Bb]my life) , everything has[A] changed.


    ENDING : G A A7 D
  3. nayanjyotis

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    Thanks a lot for putting the chords in proper places....

  4. raja28loyola

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    anytime. i am a beginner though but just thought if i put the chords in the right place it wud be easier for others to follow.

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