Own Your Very Own Customised Guitar At Unimaginable Rates

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by NirvanaGuitars, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    Hey ppl this is nirvana guitars a custon guitar company where we design guitars and all kinds of accessories for guitarists frm all sides of music we provide guitars all across india a a few countries abroad we are authorized distributers for many guitar part manufacturing brands and believe that every guitarist should get to decide everything about the guitar.
    we also have a very experienced set of experts who would help you go about the procedure and create a guitar of your dreams and also take care of your pocket at the samt tym.
    guitars are made for beginners with various benifits and also experienced musician.
    our warranty schemes are amazing and provide a lifetime warranty on a certain collection unlike any other company in the world.
    we would be glad to ans any querries and would love to put all guitarists in a habbit of going in for a guitar tha suits his/her exact requirments
  2. overkill

    overkill New Member

    Thank you. And blank you. With love.
    Frgn' solicitors, tellin' ya.
  3. overkill

    overkill New Member

    "Administrator, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms to the previous post. We want our minds invaded with misc' bs, can't live without it. Screw that overkill guy."
  4. rwaghmare

    rwaghmare New Member

    hello nirvana i also make classical and acoustic guitars or solid rosewood. mapele sapele.
    walnut and mahogany.
    if need anything pls let me know
  5. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    Sure But we are a brand and manufacture large no of custom guitars so if you are interested in working with us or plan to start sumthing of your own we would be happy to help
  6. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    It would be great if you guys could post some pics or do a video of the guitars....
  7. methead

    methead New Member

    Additional Info reqd:
    1. How old is the company?
    2. What is the min price for a 6 string guitar?
    3. Catalog?
    4. 6 string baritone / 7 string / 8 string available?
    5. Wood options?
    6. Delivery timeline.
    7. Do u provide an option where stuff like pickups, bridges, pots, tuning pegs are provided by the customer and u do the wood work?
    8. Contact - Number and address
  8. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    have a few pics on my website kindly visit and i would be happy to cater to any mre info essential

  9. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    The company has made gutars for over 6years and we have craftsmen who are certified and worked with brnds such as fender and prs.
    we have all woods available by which a guitar can be made this is a link to my catalogue. it has all kinds of info and definately 1 f d largest cats available.
    you do not need to do any work i am the largest dealr for all parts in south east asia so we provide all the arts but even still if you have sum parts and they are not available by us we can do the wood work only not a poblem.
    i also have a few pics on d home of my website. we deal with all 6/8/7 string guitars anything you want delivery tym wld be 3 weeks frm order.
    the min price starts frm 4000 for acoustics and 8500 for electrics
    we also have various scemes for beginners as well as advance guitarists


    this is my company catalogue consisting of all arts and any info requird

    Contact no: +91-9022613507
    Contact Person: Mr.Sahil Tewari
  10. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    Do you guys have an email of somesort i will like to give you guys a shot
    i am looking for a seven string budget roughly 30k,if you dont have an email id make one and post here alternativly contact me at deepaksal123@gmail.com
    if the price is around 35-40% less than the international brands(you dont pay customs duh..) i am so on
  11. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    Hey man i have a 7 string category not a prob ma email is info@nirvanaguitars.com
    if u have any specs in midn you can go ahead and email me and kindly also tell mw your music interests so that i can hepl u out goin tru the process
  12. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    Check your fb i have posted my specs
  13. growler

    growler New Member

    datz a great opprtunity to acquire ur own signatured axe
  14. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    Satisfied wayyy satisfied i am placing an order of a guitar costing 30k from them
  15. navin_maiden

    navin_maiden New Member

    What body styles do you offer ? , and any option for emg pickups?
  16. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Good man! ;)

    I wonder if they'll make me a custom 10 string. Or my dream build, a 17 string. And for how much.

    I don't wish to offend, but while it's kind of exciting, I'm a little apprehensive. Waiting for playing videos, and reviews.

    (PS search for horror stories regarding 'Halo guitars' on sevenstring.org to see what I mean =( )
  17. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    hey man we offer ony kind of body design nomatter wa we have sum f our designs which are standard but you can gowild and design any kind of body. and yes we offer most f d pickups in the world emg is our speciality and they deal with us directly so it wld not be a problem
  18. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    hey man v can build that kind f guitar and it wld hv an amazing quality guranteed we are in the process of making sum prototypes and wld make 2 guitars especially for fingerstyle and such music hopefully we cld do buisness aft dat
  19. methead

    methead New Member

    6 years is a long time to find indianguitartabs...
  20. NirvanaGuitars

    NirvanaGuitars New Member

    hey man i have been making guitars for other ppl at random but i have started making guitars under this brand name in the recent past dats hw i get the experience f 6 years

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