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    Hi Comrades,

    If anyone of you share the facination of a Ovation Guitar (multi hole, acoustically supposed to be a superior product) - http://www.ovationguitars.com/?fa=lxupgrade but of course can't afford one or find one it might be a little good news. There is this German Company - Keiper Instruments http://www.keiper-instruments.com/homepage/keiper-instruments/frameset_akustik/framset_akustik.htm which reproduces the same sort of guitar but with major difference in price the material used seems close in both brands. After a little search on internet for this Keiper company found good reviews for many of the products they sell. They have a e-shop buy don't know if they deliver to India, neither I know if they are really that good.

    Another thing, if you are a beginner, I won't recommend these types of composite material guitars with the soundbox curvature not normal. it would be difficult to place the guitar on lap and play.


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