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  1. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    THis is outside/!! this aint 100% rite coz i played in an anothyer scale n ****in i also didnt get the drum pattern which i wanted 2... so like listen to it n do throw me sum reps ! need IT!! :help:

    here the link :


    n yea if there ne staind fans or can do vocalin on this song plz contact me .... :rock:
  2. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned

    this was ok..production and guitar tones were much better than ur earlier clips which i had heard a while back i think.
  3. guptas85

    guptas85 New Member

    nice job slipknot... even i've covered OUTSIDE.. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=425227

    but i must say that urs is better..
    i think i can do the vocals, but no use, i'm in new delhi.. i listened to other self-comps of urs too.. THEY R GREAT.. so keep up the good work..
  4. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    yup ,man i was like frustated coz i didnt got the rite patch for this song .. so like it sounded sum wht diff.. which song u heard n lacked sum prodcution n tones??
  5. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    ahhhh. u knw i got influned from u, coz i first heard ur cover i.e outside on soundclick , so like i thought of coverin it as i can do only guitarin coz i dont have voice quality... :( ... so i kept it as instrumental ...nebody interested in puttin up their vocals on this song?? :think:
  6. jekyll

    jekyll Banned

    cool as usual
  7. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    i was wonderin where were u jekyll!!! how u doin man!!??
  8. jekyll

    jekyll Banned

    was on leave for a week - gone to delhi ... now back :)
  9. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    nice to c u back!! :cool:
  10. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    cool work...nice production...

    err...drums were little wierdish at times...

    @guptas85....nice work....u can improve on your pronounciation a bit
  11. slipknot_555

    slipknot_555 RuHH..

    lol u wont belive i got sum sample of 3 sec n i ellongated it n used in this song!

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