Our Mortal World

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    ummm...i've got nothing to say......


    How beautiful this world is
    Full of happiness and sorrow
    How cruel the creator of this world is
    He wants us to become an archer without using bow and arrow

    Flushed with excitement and vigour
    I rose my head up in the sky, but something I had forgotten
    That everything in this world is mortal
    Just like an apple which was fresh but now it has rotten

    One more time it happened to me
    I looked for a medicine to heal my wounded heart
    And I found it too but I couldn’t see
    That it was 1407 km apart

    Unaware of my capabilities I tried to shorten the distance
    But I couldn’t touch it ever, only feel
    And so relieved I was when I realized
    That my wounded heart will finally get healed

    But damn I had forgotten that this world is mortal
    And I had forgotten that the happiness is short-lived
    I had forgotten that the medicine was too far
    But still I expected the result to be long-lived

    And now the blue sky above my head
    Seems like it’s vanishing
    And now the silver ground beneath my feet
    Seems like it’s tarnishing

    Again my wounded heart has suffered from injuries
    Again I did something that made my heart break in 2
    And now I know whether it’s happiness, success or a friend
    All good things always come to an end
  2. horsesmouth

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    'tis so real......so nice....i feel the same.....:(
  3. nandy0894

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    really nice one...i second horsemouth...nd i cud connect to it...wonderfully expressed...
  4. allstarsband

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    ^good lines :)
    never give up, I'd say...
  5. metalhead_junky

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    its painful..why r most f da ppl sad these days?? is it the summer??

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