Our Cover of FUZON - TERE BINA! Acoustic Guitar and Vocals!! FROM USA

Discussion in 'IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music' started by amalankar, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. amalankar

    amalankar New Member

  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Very, very well done guys. Just a very good performance.
    Keep going guys, just waiting for more from guys!
    Take care!!!
  3. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    Yeah Very Nicee...Loved It....Great VOcals..
  4. amalankar

    amalankar New Member

    @Keoraf: THANK YOU!! Please SUBSCRIBE!! We will definitely be making more covers!!

  5. amalankar

    amalankar New Member

    @Pravas Thanks Man! That's Vishal Mehta.. sick voice!! ;)

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