Oru deivam - Kannathil Muthamittal - Chords

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    Amazing song with complex chords by ARR. Chinmayi's voice is just superb.
    Always found it quite had to decipher the chords. Some parts are probably easier to play on the keyboard than guitar.
    Not sure about the Cb5 chord in the 1st part of charanam but it's the only one I could hear and fit in.
    Anyway here it is.

    (C5)nenjil jil jil jil jil
    kaadhil dhil dhil dhil dhil
    kaNNathil muththamittaal nee kaNNathil muththamittaal (2)

    Oru (G4)dheyivam thandha poo(Cm)vaeeee... (G4)aeeee
    kaNNil thedal enna thaa(Cm)yae
    Oru (G4)dheyivam thandha poo(Cm)vaeeee... (G4)aeeee
    kaNNil thedal enna thaa(Cm)yae
    (Cm)vazhvu thodangum idam needhaanae ..aaah..... (Fm7)... (Gm7)... (G#M7)....
    (Cm)vazhvu thodangum idam needhaanae
    (Cm)vaanam (G#dim7)mudiyumidam (G7)needhaa(Cm)nae
    (Cm)kaatrai (D7)poala nee (CmM7)vandh(D7)ayae
    (Fm)swasama(Cm)aga nee (D7)nindr(Fm)ayae
    (Cm)maarbil oorum uyi(F)raeee ..aee.. (Gm)aeee.
    oru (Gm)dheyivam thandha poo(Cm)vaeee... (Gm)aeee
    kaNNil (Bb)thaedal yeNNa thaa(Eb)yae... (Bdim)....nenjil jil jil

    (Cb5)enadhu sondham nee, yenadhu pagaiyum nee
    kadhal malarum nee karuvil muLLum nee
    (Am)chella mazhaiyum nee, (F#m7b5)chinna idiyum nee
    (Am)chella mazhaiyum nee, (B4add7)chinna idiyum nee...(E)...
    (A)piRandha udalum nee, (Cdim7)piriyum u(Ebdim)yirum nee
    (Am)piRandha udalum nee piriyum uyirum nee........
    (C)maraNam meenda jana(F)nam (Gm)nee....oru deivam

    Rajesh :music:
  2. jimihndrx

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    Yes Cb5 is correct in the charanams.
    Cb5 or CMb5 (Notes: C-E-F#)

    B4add7 can also be written as BM7sus4 (Notes: B-E-F#-A#)

    Good work!


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