Order him to do anything ..

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by notty_lad, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Ask him to do any action he'll do it .. like Jump, Open the drawer, Beat a guy ..


    If someone comes up with an interesting action he performs .. share it ..

    EDIT: Oh and you need IE to run this (try on whatever browser you use though) :p
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  2. ^ link is not working notty
  3. The page cannot be found
  4. he doesn't dig his nose :(
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  5. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Use Internet Explorer 6 or above everyone ..

    @Lavina .. There are quite a few kinky/wild things I tried which he doesn't do too :'( .. Hell I'm a better programmer ..
  6. tell him to 'get pie' or 'play' :RollLol: he'll do it

    even draw something on the whiteboard or open the fridge :)

    btw, is this a real guy listening to us? :S
  7. BWUAHAHA tell him to piss

    he'll hold his thing and run around in the whole room
  8. and and and tell him to stop working on his computer
  9. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    This Rocks !

  10. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    Not working for me, using IE.
  11. ^Which link did you use?
  12. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    Use the one lavina provided.
  13. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Tell him to break the computer :grin:
  14. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    also tell him to act like a chicken :grin:
  15. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    Lol its too good. Post your other commands here everybody ! :)
  16. rohit

    rohit New Member

    it's amazing.
    i told him to break computer.
    he smashed the cpu with baseball bat and hammer.
  17. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    ^^Told ya :p:
    Also tell him to open his shirts ;)
  18. rohit

    rohit New Member

    ^he refuses to do that.
  19. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    *Wonders* .. Is it that people are not giving me GOOD reps .. or some problem with the site that I'm not receiving them ? ;)

    Rep whorer than bjr :D
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