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  1. what is one, two or three
    a child asked me
    i said they are abstractions
    an aggregation a boundary

    then how many are we
    i said 6 billion
    is one a significant number in this vast see
    i don’t know, I’m not that big i never felt so

    oh ho
    u know
    as i grow me as one will be big
    soo big that can be seen from moon on the face of the earth,
    wont have to live like dearth

    6 billion r u sure…defiantly young man may be more
    is it worth going ahead or should i go back to the door


    what do they call if i fight...glory
    what if i just live...story

    any other options...none
    who r u ... we r one !!
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    Liked the first para .
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    thats a real legend........luv it!
  4. thanks ...!!

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