one of my most favourite lyrics by Dido

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    See u when ur 40

    I've driven round in circles for three hours
    It was bound to happen that i'd end up at yours
    I temporarily forgot that there's better days to come
    I thought that i'd give it just one more chance

    cos i want, tonight, what i've been waiting for
    but i found, tonight, what i'd been warned about

    u think u r complicated, deep mystery to all
    it's taken me a while to see, ur not so special
    all energy and no meaning with a lot of words
    so paper thin that one real feeling could knock u down

    and i've seen, tonight, what i'd been warned about
    i'm gonna leave, tonight, before i change my mind

    so see u when ur 40, lost and all alone
    being comforted by strangers u never need to know
    not sad beacuse u lost me
    but sad beacuse u thought it was cool to be sad

    u think misery will make u stand apart from the crowd
    well if u had walked passed me today, i wudn't have picked u out
    i wudn't have picked u out

    now i've seen, tonight, how i could waste my time
    and i'll be on my way, and i won't be back
    cos i've seen, tonight, what i'd been warned about
    ur just a boy ,not a man, and i'm not coming back

    -Dido Armstrong

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    cooool 1 LoE.. reps 4 u :)
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    Thanx Subhro....:) I love all of her songs but this one is really cool.

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