Once upon a time in mexico

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  1. hehaa

    hehaa New Member

    can any 1 give me the tabs of dispredo 2 (Once upon a time in mexico)
    the 1 which Antineo Banderes is playing the guitar in almost the begening.
    if any 1 can provide me with that, that would be wonderfull.
  2. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    oh yeah baby....
    i got the tabs...beautiful song

    but i gonna post after soemtime...u gotta wait

  3. badullah

    badullah Dark Inside

    i think we have waited long ... now please post the darn thing kaiser my man !!
  4. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    here they are...

    First of all man.....'once upon' is desperado 3. the first one was el mariachi, second, desperado and the thrid o.u.a.t.i.m.

    anyway, here they are.....

    Guitar 1:

    E |------------------------------------------------|
    B |-----------5-----------5-----------5------------|
    G |----6---6--6----6---6--6----6---6--6--7-6-7-----|
    D |--7---7----7--7---7----7--7---7----7------------|
    A |------------------------------------------------|
    E |------------------------------------------------|

    E |-------------------------------------------------------|
    B |-----------6-----------6-----------6/8-8/6-6/5-5/3-5---|
    G |----7---7--7----7---7--7----7---7--7-------------------|
    D |--7---7----7--7---7----7--7---7----7-------------------|
    A |-------------------------------------------------------|
    E |-------------------------------------------------------|

    E |----------------------------------------------------|
    B |-----------8--------------8/10-10/8-8/6-6/5-6---8---|
    G |----9---9--9------9----9--9-------------------------|
    D |-10--10----10--10---10----10------------------------|
    A |----------------------------------------------------|
    E |----------------------------------------------------|

    E |------------------------------------------------------------------|
    B |-6-8--10p8------8-----------------5-------------------------------|
    G |-----------10p9---10-9/7-10p9p7-5---7p5-4-2-0---------------------|
    D |----------------------------------------------3-2--2-3-5-3h5p3-2--|
    A |------------------------------------------------------------------|
    E |------------------------------------------------------------------|

    E |-0h1p0---------|
    B |-------3-1-0---|
    G |---------------|
    D |---------------|
    A |---------------|
    E |---------------|

    Guitar 1: Am / Dm / Am / Dm / Am / E /

    Guitar 2:

    (Am) (Dm) (Am) (Dm)
    E |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
    B |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
    G |--9/14-(14)--14-14-12-10-9-9h10--10/12/10-9--14-14-12-10-9-9/10--|
    D |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
    A |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
    E |-----------------------------------------------------------------|

    E |-----------------------------------------------|
    B |-----------------------------------------------|
    G |-10/12/10-9--7/5-7-4-2-2/4/2-1-----------------|
    D |--------------------------------2h3-2-0--------|
    A |----------------------------------------3-2----|
    E |-----------------------------------------------|

    Guitar 1: Am / Dm / G / E

    Guitar 2:

    (Am) (Dm) (G) (E)

    E |--0-0-0---0-----0-0---0--1----1-1-0-1--5-3--5-3-1-0--1-0---0----|
    B |--1-----3-------1---3----3-3--3--------0----0--------0---3------|
    G |--2---------2---2--------2----2--------0----0--------1----------|
    D |--2-------------2--------0----0--------0----0--------2----------|
    A |--0-------------0--------0----0----------------------2----------|
    E |----------------------------------------------------------------|

    i dont totally agree with the tabs though. i play it in a diff way....
  5. hehaa

    hehaa New Member

    Hia! kaiser r u sure that the tabs are of ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO's begening
    when the Hero is given a guitar to test and there he plays it, and then after playing a waoooooooooo music the real movie starts.
    it dosent seems to me that you have give me else music, plz try to make sure that you are helping me out in the rite direction.
    any way i'll give this music also a try and will inform to tomarrow
  6. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    yeah u bet its that tune my friend.......
    in case u dont like it, ill give ya my version of it.

    its an awesome song aint it?
  7. gautam_njoy

    gautam_njoy New Member

    give ur version also.. lets try that out too...
  8. mubz

    mubz New Member

    yeah man plz
  9. sabzi

    sabzi New Member

    han yaar and also the time when he trys 2 teach the kid how 2 play..tab bhee he plays an awesone tune
  10. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    hey sabz mubz.........
    sorry i cant get the tabs now.......i lost the sheet i wrote em on....
    gonna tab ti again n post it....

    n the stuff he plays to the kid, i donno nothign bt it.

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