Old Hit - 9: Tabs for the song Madhanorchavam Rathiyoduthan - V Kumar's Hit Song

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    Sathurangam (1978) was a hit movie - Thalaivar film

    V Kumar, one of the greatest Composer of 70-80's, had given many melodious tunes & had done a wonderful job in this song.

    You should listen to the song. The chords were seen recently - Posted by V. Suresh

    The tabs are within the Harmonic G Minor scale notes (By and large, except few deviations).

    This is a rare lovely number and I hope you would enjoy playing this in your guitar.

    Pick, Play and Enjoy & do post your views / comments.................. Sathya

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    Good For Show off
    E |--------------7--12-7--12---|--7-------------------------|
    B |-----7--8--10---------------|-----11-10s15-10-15-10------|
    G |--9-------------------------|-----------------------13---|
    D |----------------------------|----------------------------|
    A |----------------------------|----------------------------|
    E |----------------------------|----------------------------|

  3. vs.suresh

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    Thanks Sathya for posting the tabs for this lovely song...

    Keep posting..

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