Old Hit 8 - Chords & Tabs for the song - Palinginaal Oru Maaligai - Evergreen Hit

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    This is an evergreen hit song from the film - Vallavan Oruvan.

    A great composition with a marvellous tune and one of the gems of LR Eswari.

    I love this song and the song is here. . .
    பளிஙà¯à®•à®¿à®©à®¾à®²à¯ ஒர௠மாளிகை - Palinginaal Oru Maaligai - YouTube

    The chords are here.................

    (G)PaLinginal oru maaligai
    (G)Paruvathal mani mandapam
    (G)Uyarathil oru (Em)gopuram
    (Am)Unnai (D)azhaikudhu (Em7)vaaaa

    (G)Irrupadho oru naadaga medai
    (G)Iravu (Cm6)nerathu (G7)malligai vaadai
    (G)Thirapado oru (G7)sindhanaik kadavu
    (Gm)Thaedi eduthal (Gdim)aananda (Gm)uravu....
    ura(Gdim)vu ura(Gm)vu..ura(Gdim)vu ura(Gm)vu

    The chords are not my own version. This is a modified version of Roentgen's Version.

    Thanks to Rajesh for putting down these nice chords.

    I have changed the chords from E Major family to G Major. May be G Major suits well with this song.

    The tabs are given in G Octave. Some of you may be finding it difficult to play from the 12th fret.

    So I have given the western notes as well. You can start anywhere in the fretboard and follow these notes.

    Hope you will enjoy this amazing song...................

    Pick, Play & Enjoy and do post your views / comments......... Sathya

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