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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by subir_n, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. subir_n

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    Hi folks,

    it's daunting to start playing guitar at 42 with a pressure cooker job, heavy travel and a family. but i have decided to have a go. and i am setting modest targets. 5 months have passed and some 16 lessons. some calluses. not enough practice. but i touch my instrument everyday (if i am in town; otherwise before i run off to catch a flight).

    would love to get all the encouragement and guidance that you all can provide.


  2. fossilchord

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    hi subir, hats off to u and ur effort! i am 25, started working last year after finishing university and picked up a guitar about 8-9 months ago, somethung i wanted to do for a long time. no lessons for me as they r quite expensive here ( I live in the UK and its about £25 per hour). So I am teaching myself with a book and a little help from the net. practice is the key man... don't put the instrument down even if u lift it after a months gap and it takes only 30 mins to get back to where u left ( I learnt that as i have a busy work schedule too). keep playing. cheers
  3. kans11

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    merry christmas
    to u all!
  4. kans11

    kans11 New Member

    merry christmas
    to u all!

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