Oh sukumari from Anniyan

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  1. jackdaws

    jackdaws New Member

    guys...i have tabbed the guitar (i think it is guitar) lead for the song Oh Sukumari from Anniyan...dunno if its correct...for sure I cant play like the original coz its got a carnatic feel..plz give me ur comments on the same...i have recorded it and uploaded to this site....thanksss


    :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:
  2. sleekman

    sleekman New Member

    hey mann that was just simply awesome, dunno it sounded like the original piece to me(im not sure bout this but i think in the song they might have used a mandoline)
    it would be kind of you of if u can the post the tabs man
    gr8 work man
    keep it up
  3. jackdaws

    jackdaws New Member

    thanks man...will post the tab in a couple of dayss...dunno what instrument is used in the original...but it did not sound like a mandolin (but i could be wrong)
  4. tellaustin

    tellaustin New Member

    cool chords

    This is cool..
    Can you also post the chords for this song?

    Also, do you have chords for Suppose (Sukran) song?

    Thanks a bunch.
  5. vesha

    vesha New Member

    hey people i cannot find the tabs
    and now im anxious

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