Oh Saathi Re, tere bina bhi kya jeena Tabs submitted, help rqd by experts 4 Chords.

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  1. KShan

    KShan New Member

    Hey ...

    Experts like SRakshit, amit82cse n so many others...please help...
    Here are the tabs of Oh Saathi re, tere bina bhi kya jeena...

    ......Oh saathi reeee......

    ....Tere Bina bhi kya jeenaa..........tere bina bhi kyaa jeena....

    after listening to it very carefully i found out that the song is tunes to this scale on my guitar....i.e. starting from D#(6th Fret) note of 5th(A) string
    It sounds quite good to me...when i play guitar with the song at the background it is perfectly synchronous....

    Now your help is required.....i need to find the chords for this....

    I know you people can easily do it...what i need from you is that please explain me the thought process when you try to find chords for this song on the above given tabs...THIS WILL REALLY HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND HOW ONE SHOULD APPROACH WHEN LOOKING FOR CHORDS....Please also tell me the original scale on which the song is composed and the scale which i'm using here in my tabs...

    I'll be looking forward for your help...

    Cheers people...!!!
  2. srakshit

    srakshit New Member

    Dude, me sorry, don't have the song, don't play this style of music, and the last time I heard it it was a long time ago. Maybe 20 years ago. So sorry for missing your post cause I don't hang around here much.

    The way I find chords is to listen to the song and hear the chords. From the tab it looks like the scale is (next time transcribe the notes please, it's difficult to do this with no guitar around in office)


    F# G# A

    And there's a an A# in there in the chorus line as well, but I suspect that's a leading tone.

    Also note that the Indian scale system is different from the western scale system, so the chords will be approximately correct, not exactly.

    My money is on F#m as it's the last note in the chorus line, and the flattened third looks like the beginning of a minor scale. If it is in minor, else A major would work - but the A# makes me think it doesn't.

    And singing to myself (this is weird), it sounds like the song is in 3/4.

    Methodolgy: None, in these cases no amount of theory can help. You have to listen and play and figure out the notes by ear. No amount of rules and theory can help before you figure the song out. After that you can theorize all you like.
  3. KShan

    KShan New Member

    hmmm....thanx Rakshit for your advice...i'll try n figure out the chords and will post to you again so that you can check them...

    cheers mate..!!
  4. srakshit

    srakshit New Member

    No, F#m is not the correct key, it's D#m I think but the scale is very funny. I tried it on the guitar but it's not right.

    I'll wait for peeps who actually have the song to respond to this one. I'm a little out of my depth here, I'm sorry. I can't figure out a song I don't have with me.

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