Of Solitude, Sunshine & Glory

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  1. horsesmouth

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    A few minutes of silence;
    And an eternity to pass
    before an instant of peace reigns;
    And I cheer to my own self at last.

    In my comedies and maladies,
    time's been going through good.
    Hopping over stones in a sea of darkness,
    and a reason I never understood.
    What is it that I want so much?
    That which once was too close to admire,
    is so much ahead of me,
    Its now a subject of desire.

    True to say I never did
    recognise the good in you.
    But in solace we find our own path,
    and the way to go is always true.

    Distances might be temporary,
    and words an imagination.
    But freedom is worth your destiny.
    and luck's our own creation.

    And these few minutes of silence,
    for the better, bring a change in me.
    The best carving is made in solitude,
    and which enjoys everyone to see.
    Unrestrained, unscrutinised and uplifted;
    There's an end to our story.
    A tale of strengths and weaknesses,
    A tale of sunshine and glory.
  2. suprita

    suprita New Member

    all your poems r just wonderful. keep on posting......
  3. i didnt get it fully

    care to explain?
  4. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    dats merely a collection of thoughts......not much worth it.....speaks, though, of differences between then n now, of faith dwindling with distance......but the spirit lives on as always....the fighting one..
  5. ur as ur .... keep up the gud work

    one day i wuld read abook by you ... im sure!

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