O Mere dil ke chain by Kishor Kumar Chords

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  1. Boomrang

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    All the IgTian's I am the latest member of this forum .

    I play lot of guitar and think i am able to provide lots of chords to all of you.
    Well i don't know that I am as good as all those who post chords in this
    forum or not but yes I will try my level best to provide you the chords .

    I am also looking forward for your guidence, help .

    If you think anything is wrong with the chords inform me .

    Chords present below each lines of songs .

    O mere dil ke chain

    Chain aaye mere dil ko dua kijiye

    ANTRA :

    Apna hi saaya dekh ke tum

    Jaane jahan sharma gaye

    Mera kya hoga socho to jara Aa.............................
  2. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    Hey if possible,pls post the strumming pattern,I like this song and would like to try.Will appreciate your help.
  3. ankur_fox

    ankur_fox New Member

    sounds v good....just play and sing this along.....v nice, good job. classics are so nice to play and sing, and so easy to tab....I LIKE :D
  4. Boomrang

    Boomrang New Member

    Thanks yaar .

    I will try to post more such good songs .

    Muralee i m also new i can play patterns but not good in writing them so i m
    unable to post it sorry .
  5. prima

    prima New Member

    O Mere Dil Ke Chain Plucking

    The intro is in the A MAJOR SCALE

    E ------------------|
    B -------0----------|
    G -----0---0-2-2-2--|
    D ---2--------------|
    A -4----------------|
    E ------------------|
  6. prima

    prima New Member

    I Need Tabs For This Song Can U Help Mr

  7. manas1104

    manas1104 New Member

    Complete song
    email: manas1104@gmail.com

    O mere dil ke chain
    O mere dil ke chain

    Am G Am
    O mere dil ke chain, chain aaya mere dil ko dua keejiye
    G F Am
    Apna hi saaya dekh ke tum, jaane jahan sharma gaye
    G F Am
    Abhi to ye pehli manzil hai, tum to abhi se ghabara gaye
    C G Am-G-F-Am G Am
    Mera kya hoga soocho to zara... hai aise na aahen bhara keejiye
    Am G
    O mere dil ke chain...

    G F Am
    Aap ka arma aap ka naam, mera taran aur nahi
    G F Am
    In jhukti palakon ke siva, dil ka thikana aur nahi
    C G Am-G-F-Am G Am
    Jachta hi nahi, aankhon me koi... dil tum hi ko chaahe to kya keejiye
    Am G
    O mere dil ke chain...

    G F Am
    Yu to akela hi aksar gir ke samhal sakta hoon main
    G F Am
    Tum jo pakad lo haath mera, duniya badal sakta hoon main
    C G Am-G-F-Am G Am
    Maanga hai tumhe duniya ke liye... Ab khud hi sanam faisla keejiye
    Am G
    O mere dil ke chain...

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