O amar-Prithibi cover...My first recording...

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    This particular song by the immensely popular bangla rock outfit "Prithibi" is undoubtedly one of the best love ballads that has ever been created in Bengali...there is something about this song which makes me cry everytime I listen to it...I have been to innumerable live concerts of Prithibi and whenever I hear them performing this song I feel a sharp pain in the left side of my chest and my eyes become moist with an unnatural spontaneity....hats off to "Prithibi" for pouring the strongest of feelings into this song with such fineness that it touches the bottom of every listener's heart and keeps winning their sentiments....

    I have made a very vile effort of covering this song...this is my very first recording...I have sung the song myself n the accompanying music is entirely done on my Roland E-09 keyboard...plzzz listen to it n post ur comments on it...

    PS-right now im going through a phase in life where this song means more to me than any other songs...

    heres the link....
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  2. debankan

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    Well done. Reps for you.
  3. himika9

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    where is the link!??!?!???! :shock: :confused:
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    Why is the SNIP hyperlinked?:think:
  5. crazy_keys

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    sorry guys i had to delete the link becaz pro said that this song shundnt be uploaded rite now bcaz of copyright problems...can be uploaded only after they release their allbum
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    Chords for Barood by prithibi

    to get it you got to visit http://uniquechords.blogspot.com. obviously there you will get something more than you want. keep visiting.
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    Hi chandan it will be a great pleasure if could post the chords of o amar by prithibi. Thanks in advance.
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    good work...............
  9. chandan_gaan

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  10. anup_roy

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    i need this song's chord

    anyone help me

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