NPD: MI Crunch Box and Digtech Bad Monkey

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ayu135, Dec 11, 2012.

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    I received these pedals today, first members of my pedalboard i am planning to put together. I bought these used, saw them on the AM Used musical instruments group on fb. I paid Rs. 6000 for the Crunch Box and Rs. 2000 for the bad monkey. Both are almost new, both could have been kept in a guitar store and sold as new.

    I had originally planned to have a OD in my pedalboard but i did not want to for an expensive boutique overdrive as it would have been a waste as the only use for the OD pedal in my board is to tighten up the lower end of my metal rhythm tone. The bad monkey does this job pretty well. I have liked it so far.

    The crunch box is a surprise purchase. I had not planned on having it my pedalboard when planning my board a few weeks earlier, i didnt even know it existed. The thing is i always dug the JCM 800 tone, like for example slash's tone or the bands like Green Day etc. Even my vypyr doesnt have a JCM 800 model. So i was casually searching on how i can emulate that tone as i have the song American Idiot on my set list for my performance in January. I came across these pedals like crunch box, the suhr riot etc that did just the same thing. I saw this one was for sale on that page and bought it. Although i didnt have a chance today to play around with it much today mostly because i dont have the proper stuff to play this pedal through. I didnt have an adapter so i bought a 9v battery and also didnt have another cable to connect the pedal so used the shitty cable that came with my guitar there was lots of hum but i played it through my Peavey vypyr using the Brit amp model(AC30) green channel and found that it has a classic british tone with loads of mid range throatiness as expected. Although the setup was pretty poor i managed to get some usable tones the 15 minutes i played the pedal, cannot say much though cause there was too much noise and i dont know how well the vypyr takes pedals. I will review it thoroughly once i get a proper second cable.

    I will review them both thoroughly and post pictures later as i have my end sem exams till 22nd cant wait to get down and proper with these two later, the Dimarzio cable too is expected to arrive in a few days(hope so:p)
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    Well Good Luck on your Exams and happy experimenting with those pedals.
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