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  1. manojtechnie

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    Hi All,

    I've been learning guitar for about 5 months now (C Major scale) and currently i am learning rhymes in indian notes (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa). Can you guide me with Hindi songs that use C Major scale. Also i need the indian notes. Most of the websites i have come across have the western notes. Thanks in advance.

  2. sanketdhoke

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    lamha lamha duri yu pighalti hai
    C C F F

    jaane kis aag me yeh shabnam jalti hai
    F G C C

    khwahisho ki shaam dhalti ahi
    C C F G

    C G F C

    teri aakhein deekhati hia
    C C Am Am

    hume sapne sitaro ke
    Dm Dm G G
  3. manojtechnie

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    I am actually looking for hindi notes (C Major) in classical style. For ex. The notes for song Give me some sunshine are

    " GG GS R S GG GS R SR GG GS R S .... "

    Any website having such notes ???

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