Notes for andala rakshasi songs

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  1. Tej1002

    Tej1002 New Member

    Can someone please share the chords or leads for any of the songs in andala rakshasi?
  2. Tarun1

    Tarun1 New Member

    i need tabs for vennante untunnna song
  3. karunrocks

    karunrocks New Member

    small bit from andala rakshshi ....

    e 9-11-9-12-12-12-11-9-11-11-11-9-7-9-9-9

    make sure the 12s 11s and 9s ring swiftly
  4. Hi bro,
    could you pl link a youtube video of the scene where this is played so that we can have an idea of this tune...
    Having tabs is not useful until we know how to space the notes...
  5. VenuGopal545

    VenuGopal545 New Member

    Hi Abhay,

    Could you please see this URL andala rakshasi - emito song pallavi on guitar - YouTube

    and also we need the chords for this same song to play rhythm and need tabs or playing lead

    Thanks for your help
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  6. Dude....
    Awesome work man...
    I reallly love it from "Emmarpidi edari..." but the fisrt two lines corresponding to "Yemito ivvala rekkalochchinattu" resemble the original, but something is wrong there...
    Which Key/scale was the song in and what were the notes used? because a couple of notes there seemed out of key..
    I don't have free time right now, and am hopelessly bad for chords, but I think I can try and let you have the tabs..
    Just after watching your video, i managed to play the pallavi for "vennante vuntunna" and part of pallavi corresponding to the lyric "Manasa marchipo... ledante chahchi po.. gatamaa kaali po... marujanmaki aasa tho."
    Best Wishes...

    P.S: Watch out this space.. I might have free time on christmas day (office ki selavu kada :) )
    I also have to tab "kahin karti hogi woh mera - hindi song for another friend here on IGT.
  7. VenuGopal545

    VenuGopal545 New Member

    Hi ,

    I did not play this song,I watched this song in youtube ,Seems like the scale is in cminor or Dminor

    Please let us know the Tabs for this song to play lead

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