not able to understand the names of the chords ?

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  1. prabhurohan

    prabhurohan New Member

    hi guys

    i am a beginner and i am not able to understand the names of the chords posted on this forum.

    can anyone post a full chord index showing which symbol stands for which chord and what are the notes to be played?

    thanks a ton

    warm reagrds

    Rohan Prabhu
  2. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    dude!! ur a beginner and the first thing u should accquire is a chord chard there are tons of these avalible on the net.

    and this is such a crammy thing that nobody will bother to post it ,

    here is a link of google search ,look around it contains a lot of charts,find which one is best for u

    and here is a nice chord chart

    and i recommend that u get the chord chart printed, and carry it along, that way u can practice and u wont have to search the net every time u want a chord,
    or else there are a lot of chord dictionaries avalible.both in software and in form of books.

    and if u have problem in reading them, here is a article for u

    and here is a diagram telling u all the notes on the fretboard

    plz tell me if u have any other prob.
  3. kaylash

    kaylash Member


    Yes, thats correct. There are so many sites where you can get the chords and the symbols, as you say it. I have attached some works that I have done when I started learning guitar some time back. It will show you the positions where you place your fingers on the fretboard and some variations of the chords. OK. Get back if you have difficulties. Right.

    As you can see, I have not completed the 7th chords. YOU MAY DO IT AND SEND IT TO ME. Ha Ha Ha!!!


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  4. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    now prabhu rohan, atleast say thnx to this dude kaylash,
    he took pains to attach a file 4 u, u may even add to his rep,

    this keeps up the spirit of IGT.

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