no one plays the flute???????

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  1. well it has been 3 yrs since i last played flute
    was plannning to start again
    anyone who plays flute here?
    i have loads of songs on flute in a cbook wil post them soooooooooon
  2. koolstrum

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    Yes I do play a bit of flute. I was very keen on playing the flute earlier however due to lack of proper guidance and a suitable niche I had to shift to guitar. But I do play a flute. I can play a loads of song leads and I am fond of playing the flute part in song Dooba Dooba By Silk Route. Well When I recently went to the IIT D I found a guy called Rishabh who plays flute remarkably. I asked him about his guru, then he told me that he was the son of shree Prasanna ji, the great flute player, and when I enquired aout the charges, he said that it was taught free of cost. I cannot go to delhi for learnin flute as I have no time left after college. If anybody out there wants the number then can gimme me a buzz. Just drop a message here and I will send u the number.
  3. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    can drop in some reps or points too
  4. chaitu

    chaitu New Member

    Hi ,
    This is the first time I am writing to this group.I have been following this group for more than one year now.I do play flute.I am equally interested in guitar and flute.I would be glad to have songs on flute also.
  5. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    Sure dude ! just lemme know when to start.
  6. rajibctg

    rajibctg New Member

    HI guys glad to know there are some flute enthusiasts here. I am also very interested in playing the indian bansuri flute. I bought one for myself but dont have the patience to go thru the normal process of learning from a guru.
    I learned the guitar myself looking up notes and chords etc from the internet. Unfortunately there arent any sites as such for flutes. And at this moment i have no basics about flute. It wud be gr8 if u guys cud give me some web addresses or even basic lessons here?
  7. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    Well thats a Difficult job. But somebuddys gotta start.ok here it goes
    This is as far as I know..................

    The flute are of generally two types:
    a)Aarhhi (tilted) means Murali
    b)Seedhi(simple bansuri easier to play compared to murali)

    Both have a common style of moving the fingers but the basic difference is of using the air of ur mouth to give some small and interesting effects.

    the sound varies in sargam that is from bottom to top each time u lift a finger the change of sound is with a gap like
    SA tone RE tone GA semi-tone MA tone PA tone DHA tone NI semi-tone SA
    AT MAXX u can play 3 scales by increasing the intensity of air stream comin out ur mouth.

    If u want to play a particular song which u already have tabbed on guitar then the transformation is easy. To make it easier u must have the flute of right scale. that scale shud be 2 tones down the key note of that song.
    question regarding this lesson no. ! may follow......
  8. koolstrum

    koolstrum The Chosen One

    3 scale bole toh 3 octaves
  9. faiqgiant

    faiqgiant .: Innocent :.

    Man Im Also Interested Post Some Songs...
  10. amyusa01

    amyusa01 New Member

    I want notations for some hindi songs to play on flute for my daughter. If you send something for would be wouhderful. My email:
    Thank you
  11. koogan

    koogan New Member

    I spent my formative years in Ireland,bought a tinwhistle(sometimes called a penny whistle) and practised but never formally played it.Now,I am wondering if anyone would have tabs for this,especially bollywood music.I am a guitarist(folk/Hits of 60s/70s/beatles/).I am willing to give indian music a shot! Perhaps,there is someone out there who knows this instrument.Thanks
  12. parwaz

    parwaz New Member

    tn whistle

    hi there...
    can u plz tell me any place in india where i could buy a tin whistle....and how much it cost...
  13. mishigun

    mishigun New Member

    HI ....
    I have two flutes C-Scale and G-Scale... but i couldnt find any tutorials on net for the flute.. please post some tutorials for beginners

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