NewYork Nagaram (jillendru oru kadal )Chords pls...

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  1. Abishek_narayan

    Abishek_narayan New Member

    hi can any one help me with the chords of the song Newyork Nagaram from Jillendru oru kadal ?? wud be of great help... thanks in advance
  2. zee

    zee New Member

    do any one of you have lyrics for that
  3. zero

    zero New Member


    New York nagaram uRangum nEram thanimai adarndhathu
    paniyum padarndhathE
    kappal iRangiyE
    kaaRRum karaiyil nadanthathE
    naangu kaNNaadich chuvargaLukkuLLE naanum mezhuguvarththiyum
    thanimai thanimaiyO thanimai thanimaiyO
    kodumai kodumaiyO

    pEchellaam thaalaattu pOla ennai uRanga vaikka nee illai
    nilavin oLiyil muththam thandhu kaalai kaappi kodukka nee illai
    vizhiyil vizhum dhoosi thannai naavaal edukka nee ingu illai
    manathil ezhum kuzhappam thannai theerkka nee ingE illai
    naan ingE neeyum angE indhath thanimaiyil nimishangaL varushamaanathEnO
    vaan ingE neelam angE indha uvamaikku iruvarum viLakkamaanathEnO

    naatkuRippil nooru thadavai undhan peyarai ezhudhum en pEnaa
    ezhudhiyathum eRumbu moikkap peyarum aanathenna thEnaa
    jill endru bhoomi irundhum indhath tharuNaththil kuLirkaalam kOdai aanadhEnO
    vaa anbE neeyum vandhaal senkadal kooda panik katti pole maarume "
  4. jozko

    jozko Banned

  5. stevenmerman

    stevenmerman New Member

    Hi Guys
    How is every body,Iam just a beginner and really love to learn to play the guitar so would be looking forward to some help from you guys.And yes will do my best to do the same.
  6. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Hi stevenmerman, welcome!
  7. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    heloooo welcome to igt...................
  8. kero

    kero New Member

    hey ppl..i need the tabs for this song called new york nagaram badly..
    i cant figure out the rite 1 even after hearin it 4 a couple of times..
    my email add..DELPIERO7_DEMONDAYS@YAHOO.CA..
    drop me da tabbings there..
    thanx in add..would love to keep in touch wit all da guitarists here..
    im new..god bless
  9. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    my very first attempt at tabbing a tamil song!! plz correct me i know its not perfect!


    Its just the first two lines plz correct me if u find its not correct!!! and gimme some suggestions plz!
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  10. jozko

    jozko Banned

    j_necromancer, good that u started working on tabs bro. I didn't check yet. Thought to tell u to add string names to lines to indicate tuning, like E A D. (See i put letters B e above). Also u can select text and apply 'code tags' and it will retain alignment and looks interesting as above. reps to u for starting to tab. I will try to find the song and play ur version, rgds
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  11. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    thanks a lot dude!!! do try to play it and correct it!!!!thanks for ur time man!! reps for helpin me out
  12. jozko

    jozko Banned

    i got an mp3 but it is corrupted (scrambled sounds after 12 secs). So i could trying start only.
    Something like
    romancer, i am not sure if my mp3 version is same as urs. Do u have it or know an online place where i can listen. I remember sheerig had given me a link. I forgot it. I think ur notes are correct, scale may be different. But remember i am like u, i may be wrong. I will try to find some online source now. We can together workout whole song. Sheerig, Pnamblat and others will correct us
  13. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Romancer, moreover it is great that u put tabs on multiple strings. Many try to play on single string. this is good. U just continue with ur work what u think as correct, i will also try as soon as i hear full song.
  14. j_necromancer

    j_necromancer New Member

    i am just a beginner dude!! am playin for just one year now!! this is my very first attempt at tabbing!!!!
  15. santhostringed

    santhostringed New Member


    hello fellas,

    im new to frets and strings, been here to join in hands with u to learn more about guitar and chords, have to help me bro's.

    thanks and regards
  16. priya nanda

    priya nanda New Member

    i m only an begineer can u plz give me some notes tht are easy plzzzzzzzzzzz and thanks in advance 4 ur help
  17. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    please can someone give me the tabs for "she stole my heart" from singam. i know a little.....
    oru vaarthai mozhiyale ennai nerungi vitaal ennai nerungivitaal....
    10 23 10 10 10 23 10 10 21 23 23 23 21 23 21 23 23 23 23 21 32
    that goes twice.... can some one tell me what comes after that???
  18. mohamed shahbaz

    mohamed shahbaz New Member

    new york nagaram

    hey daz simple..
    it juz goes like dis
    Am.... F.....C....G
  19. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    hello everyone!!! i have found the first line for new york nagaram....
    new york nagaram urangum neram
    20 22 (22-23)(slide) 23 23 (23-25)(slide) 25 25 23 22

    thanimai adanguthe....
    22 22 23 22 22 20 32

    please check and tell me if its right guys...plzzz...
  20. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    @mohamed ---- i want the tabs :) ....anyway thanks !

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