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    Hey guys!!!

    I'm a lefty total newbie in delhi wanting to buy an beginner's acoustic after much hard work and contemplation.

    I've heard and read debates about shops in daryaganj about some weirdo advertising his shop by pasting stickers on the guitar and stuff... all in vain.

    Can anyone refer a cheap(moneywise :D) beginner's acoustic and if just re-stringing them would work??? preferably under 3000 INR.

    love and peace to all.( And thanx )
  2. guitardoctor

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    OK, first of all, just restringing a right will not work. You need to reverse the nut and the bridge as well and that is not a beginner level job.

    Secondly, I'm a lefty myself, and if you're just starting off learning, picking the hand you're going to play with is a big decision...

    Advantages of playing right handed:

    1. The majority of resources, books, chord diagrams, lessons, whatever - that you will find have been written from a right hander's point of view. Learning guitar will be easier if you go from the right side.

    2. Your left hand is more adept and you will thus have an advantage in fretting.

    3. Left handed guitars are more expensive than right handed ones

    Advantages of playing left handed:

    1. You get a "normal" position - giving your fingering hand the advantage

    Thing you need to know is, that in guitar both hands have demanding functions and there is no real need to jump through hoops to just put your left hand on the strings and the right on the fretboard... The brain is a marvelous thing and adapts fast.

    I personally went right handed because I had no teacher and needed to teach myself using resources written for right handed people... Gear was an issue too.

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