Newbie needs some help with electric bass complete setup

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by usurper1990, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. usurper1990

    usurper1990 New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Im a complete newb to the world of guitaring. When i saw newb i mean newb! i no absolutely nthn bout guitars! i was plannin on buyin an electric bass. a low or mid range one which i could learn on and keep as a back up when i move on smthn like tht! anyways i did soem research here in good ol b'lore and found most dealers sellin local produced givsons! nearly all my frens hu play tell me not to buy a givson as it is a pure waste of cash! shit electronics and bad quality of sound! so i decided to buy an ibanez or a tansen or a gb&a. on enquiring at reynolds inc on m.g. road i found a ibanez gsr60 or smthn like that for 15,500 and a gb&a bass for the same! the people were so rude they put the reciever down before i could find out whihc model!

    then i tried some other shop (dont remember the name) and found a ibanez gsr200 for 13,800 and a gb&a for 8,800 here the salesman did not know which model the gb&a was.

    then at premson musicals , i found a ibanez bass jumpstart kit (the one with a gsr190j) for 17,800. comes with a 10w practise amp and all the other things!

    i tried finding out bout tansen basses but then their website is so pathetically hopeless!! seriously! the pics there dont even load!!!

    anyways i wish to purchase a bass distortion pedal along with this. smthn cheap like a Zoom 505II or a Zoom 506II they r like 4500 or smthn!

    should i buy an amp? will i need one? if i dont buy one, ill plug my creative 2.1 speakers into the distortion pedal. will that damge my speakers?

    and i read that the gsr200 has shit quality pickups and strings otherwise its pretty decent!

    hmmm i thnk my budget is around umm 20 - 22 gran! plz suggest some other basses if u think the ones mention above are not worth their cost. plz suggest a good effects/expression pedal if the Zooms are not good.

    also i need to someone to teach me Bass guitarin. i live near Bull temple road dont mind comin to rajajinagar or jayanagar. i no i may sound a little impaitient or smthn like that but umm i wanna learn the basics of bass guitarin in as short time as possible say a year or two!

    Hmmm maybe it may help u if i tell u im a fan of Rap metal/Nu metal/thrash/death and it just gets heavier. i dont exactly like Older metal like songs by black sabbath/ metallica/ iron maiden and their contemporaries!

    so plz suggest a good bass for my budget!

    hope i dint bore yall with my long post!

    thanx a million guys!
  2. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    i think before buying a bass buy yourself an acoustic and learn the basincs of guitar buy a cheap acoustic no need to spend 20-22K right now. first learn the basics and then after some time get yourself a good bass. you can buy a givson or hobner or if you are not satisfied with these then buy youself a yamaha acoustic. later buy a fender bass. i have one and i love it. also dont buy a proccesor right now. its just waste of money for you.first learn how to play a guitar then buy the effects
  3. usurper1990

    usurper1990 New Member

    God of Guitar,

    im planing to learn on an acoustic first before i buy a bass. thats for sure. thanx anyways. umm would u plz mention some models? i was thinkin of buyin my bass in june. or should i finish learning everything on the acoustic and then buy an bass? and y not an ibanez? i cant seem to find any fenders in blore or actually maybe i dint try hard enf
  4. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    i dont have anything against ibanez but i find fenders much better. also i dont think low end ibanez are that good if you want an ibanez then buy a liitle costlier one but i will still say go for a fender and first learn the basics on an acoustic. maybe for 5-6 months and then buy a bass.
  5. usurper1990

    usurper1990 New Member

    hmmm nearly everyone says that low end ibanezs are not so good so i think ill stick to ur advise and get myself a fender after a while. do u no anything about tansens? umm can u suggest some good teacher hu holds classes like 3 or so times a week? i wanna sign up as soon as possible
  6. usurper1990

    usurper1990 New Member

    Hmm god of guitar which fender bass do u have? do u teach? im desperately lookin for a teacher! hehe! anyways dude u no any shops in bangalore or chennai which sell fenders? suggest some models nah? and since u say i shouldnt buy a effects till later, should i pick up an amp? or should i just buy a really good guitar and upgrade it further? i think an amp is important isnt it? a practise amp of say 10 watts should do huh? suggest some cheap acoustics nah. or should i just go out to the shop and pick up the cheapest one thats available there?
  7. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    i live in delhi so i cant tell you about teachers in b'lore. i havnt played a tansen so i cant say anything about it.
  8. usurper1990

    usurper1990 New Member

    ok thanx anyways dude!
  9. usurper1990

    usurper1990 New Member

    hmm plz specify some models plz!!!!! i need to do some research fast. so some names would be really helpfull! hehe! if thats not askin too much that is!
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Usurper, hold your horses buddy.

    There is one person called Nanda. HE has played bass + he is from Bangloru.

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