Newbie from Bangalore!- Need help!!!

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by gaurav, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. gaurav

    gaurav New Member

    Hi people,

    Posting my first thread here! Let me brief you all about my wish., to learn guitar.
    I was brought up in a small town where we don't have any guitar classes and/or anyone who plays guitar. I always wanted to play a guitar but thought i will do it when i have the resources. Moved to Chennai for my engineering. Well, all my guitar dreams were crushed under those heavy not-so-useful books and four years passed without me even holding a guitar. So finally i am here, working in bangalore and i guess its now or never. I want to start learning and stop giving excuses. So please help me out guys. Have some questions..
    1. How do i start? I have no knowledge whatsoever! should i learn some theory first?
    2. Which guitar should i buy and where?
    3. and how should i proceed with learning? Videos? Personnel Classes? books? ( My pockets aren't heavy and i have a education loan on me)

    Awaiting reply. Thanks a lot!!

    P.S- I am not looking to make guitar my career nor i wish to play in any band. I just want to learn guitar so that i can play it when i am alone or with my friends.. May be write a song or two for my love ;) and am interested in acoustic for now..
  2. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Gaurav,

    Welcome on board.

    One of the easiest ways to get started is by searching for videos on YouTube. You'll get all that you need for basics there.

    Once you have some basics mastered, you can start learning chords / tabs of your favorite songs.

    Taking a few classes will accelerate your process of learning.

    Lot of beginner guitars available in the market. If you are from Bangalore, there are a few stores in Brigade road where you can buy guitars from.

    You can order one online too...

    Best Regards
  3. gaurav

    gaurav New Member

    Hey Super-admin, Thanks for the info! will start watching the videos from youtube.
    But, could you suggest me a guitar to start with.. I am not familiar with the brands and the types of guitars. Budget is <=5k for now. Will get a good one once i get a grip on the thing.
    And are u suggesting me o watch the vids before getting a guitar or should i get one first and then start the lessons?
    Thanks a lot!
  4. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    One of the good guitars in your price range is Pluto HG39C-201 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar. You can buy that from a store near you, or if you are in Bangalore, I can help you pick one up. If you want help, PM me your number, we'll see what can be done.
  5. gaurav

    gaurav New Member

    Hi Super admin! I PMed you my number ... would love to know where can i buy the guitar you mentioned. Thinking to buy it this weekend and start learning! Please revert! Thanks!
  6. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    For an acoustic,
    Please don't buy the ubiquitous Hobmer guitar. It's duplicate, and you'll be disappointed the moment you start playing decently well.
    The best one I ever saw was the Fender, worth 8.5K...Fender, Acoustic Guitar, FA100
    then the Washburn, not available everywhere, because it's ridiculously expensive.

    GB&A, Acoustic Guitar, Cut-a-way 40"(101.60 cm) TAO-150 is a decent one I tried once.

    These ones I found at furtadosonline site.
  7. Pramanshu

    Pramanshu New Member

    Or you can buy Yamaha F310 it's awesome guitar when you learn to play well you still won't regret your decision of buying a yamaha
    i got it from authorised showroom at price of rs 7,200. with 1 year warranty.

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