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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tinker_bell, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Tinker_bell

    Tinker_bell New Member

    Hi everyone!!

    I recently found out that I BADLY NEED to learn guitar!!I was interested in learning it when i ws growing up some 15 years ago....but guess parents pressure for studies, and then marriage and kids....that desire to learn guitar kept simmering on th back burner....

    Well not that I have the time to switch burners now...when i have two kids and loads of chores ...but I HAVE TO DO IT NOw!..It wouldn't matter anymore....I WANT TO LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR.

    So , Well my story is I have moved to chennai TODAY!! Believe me...last night i was in mumbai!!I live in Kottivakkam(i so hope i spelt it right)...and plan to stay here till...well at least 6 months....

    Can u guys please help me find a good place to buy a nice guitar...I HAVE NO IDEA HOW AND WHAT KIND!!And also a GREAT teacher somehwere around??

    Thanks a bunch guys!!
  2. slezzystring

    slezzystring New Member

    man i am younger then you but
    like u i am on strings too
    may be we can exchange some
    knowledge on strings?
  3. slezzystring

    slezzystring New Member

    well i dont know much about best beginner's guitar
    but i bought a
    YAMAHA F310 tbs
    cost was 8000 including electric tuner (its very important that the guitar is always tuned)
    u can choose from any company below
    Farida,Yamaha, givson, hobner
    man better buy a economical one becuz u will hav to change it in an year or soo
  4. slezzystring

    slezzystring New Member

    cant help u on teachers or shops man i live in Delhi soo ........

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