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    New year sms hope u will like it.

    1) 1 year of happiness,
    12 months of prosperity,
    52 weeks of success,
    365 days of good luck,
    8760 hours of gladness ,
    5,25,600 mins of goodness,
    Every second of enjoyment........

    2) ( )"' ( )
    ( 'o' )
    (,,) ):( ),)

    A Gift from me

    Specially 4 you

    On the eve of

    Keep it safely
    until next year.

    i would need it
    nxt year.

    3) Before the Sun sets on this year, before the memories fade and before...the networks get jammed, wish you a Happy and Bright New Year- 2006

    4) ( )'" ( )
    ( 'o' )
    (,,) ):( ),)
    can i stay here in your"Inbox"
    & wait until 31/12/2006
    so i'll be the 1st to GREET u & wish u a "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

    In 2006,
    Resolve 2 be

    Tender to

    Sympathetic to

    to aged

    Tolerant to

    Coz sometime in
    life U'll have
    been al of these

    6) I hope that 2005
    was everything you wanted it to be.
    I hope you had joy and fun
    and friendship from everyone.
    I hope you were content
    and had peace of mind;
    and I hope you found true happiness,
    the kind that's hard to find.
    Most of all, I hope that in 2006
    you will find even more!
    Happy New Year.

    7) At this special time of the year
    We reflect on what we hold dear
    Family and friends whether far or near
    And they r what gives us reason 4 cheer!
    Happy New Year

    8) As the New Year unfolds, I wish you and your family all the joy and happiness in the world. May this year be full of smiles and laughter. And above all, may
    it be safe and secure.
    Wishing you a cheerful Happy New Year !

    I know its a bit early 2 wish,but ive got 2 wish LAKHS of smart & good lookng frndz So i thought ill start wth uncle & aunts

    10) May your holiday season be a joyous one and may each day of the new year bring you success and happiness.
    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.

    11) May the beautiful white snowflakes dancing in the sky carry my best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous new year.

    12) May life bring its best and finest to you may all your days be happy and bright with good cheer throughout the year.

    13) Raise a glass of celebration now the new year has begun hope all your dreams plans and wishes will come true.

    14) May warmest wishes happy thoughts and friendly greetings arrive on new years day and stay with you the whole year through.

    15) May the new year brings much happines to you and be happier than any year before be happy healthy and successful.please accept my sincere wishes for the new year i hope you continue to enjoy health and happiness.

    16) Every year, everyone says Happy New Year For once let us go one better Here is wishing this year even happier.
    May the new year be filled with happiness for you.

    ~~~~~~Happy New Year to all Members, Visitors, Moderators and to all~~~~~
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    good collections
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    yeah..not bad!

    got anymore? :)
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    Nice Poet!

    here are more poets!

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