new .. want some chords.. 2 play.. easy ones

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  1. itsaidtya2000

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    guys.. alright.. am new... as in the site...i have learnt western classical currently givin exams from trinity college london.. anyways... please give me some chords of popular songs..dat i can play 2 a community..and as well impress them...chords i know are e,a,g,d,f,c

    HELP ..
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    u have learnt very few chords..u must learn all major and minor chords..anyways in the mentioned chords..i remember there is 1 song which can be played..its Tu aashiqui hai -Jhankaar Beats...for the chords search in this forum and uL get

    will think of more songs..till then u learn few more..maybe Minor of these chords? all the best
  3. beginnerist

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