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  1. lovforone

    lovforone New Member

    I am new to guitar....From where should I start.......Some people says start with chords and some says start with tabs....Kindly guide....
  2. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Start with:

    Guitar finger exercises, and then practice chords. Go with simple, open chords and gradually move up to bar chords.

    That should help.
  3. bare_knuckles

    bare_knuckles New Member

    (Welcome to the Guitar Family)Finger exercises are very important, it will make learning chords and scales easy. And the most important thing, have fun dude cuz thats what learning guitar is all about. Keep yourself inspired. \m/
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  4. cooldesert

    cooldesert New Member

    Welcome. Refer to the sticky section for good finger exercises.
    Few days later, you would realize "Nahi ho payega" and you would be a bit frustrated at first. Don't lose your patience. Everyone goes through that initial phase. It takes time for your brain and finger memory to develop. Until then regularly practice Tabs, basic open chords, strumming and concentrate on timing.

    Patience and Practice are really important, for everything else you have internet. Cheers & Happy Strumming..!!!
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  5. waleed444

    waleed444 New Member

    If you are beginner then the most difficult task for you is to place finger on particular note or string or fret.

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